Were gems better the way the were before or now with the update?

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I feel like gene take way too long now. Before yes it was long but manageable. It was still fun running the killer while doing a gen when you escaped. Now it feels like you can’t even get a gen done because you’re constantly running or trying to unhook someone. I feel like this game is becoming very killer sided. Slowly losing interest in it.

Were gems better the way the were before or now with the update? 7 votes

Better before
TheSingularitymahiroa 2 votes
Better with the update
aeonskulAlex_Archol123MechWarrior3Depressedlegion 5 votes
The update is trash


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    oh god i need to log into the game and check i will get to you after

  • Alex_
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    Better with the update

    tbh the game is killer sided is one of the worst opinions ever imo.

    not to trashtalk or something, just my opinion. strong perks/addons/items are so gamechanging. and survivors have the opportunity to use them 4 times.

    that means, if the survivors take the strongest stuff, the trial will be survivor sided. if they dont, but the killer does, its killer sided.

    if they both do or do not, its relatively balanced, but leaning more towards survivor sided imo