Does Adrenaline deserve it’s upcoming changes?

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Big topic would like to get numbers on this.

Does Adrenaline deserve it’s upcoming changes? 23 votes

43% 10 votes
56% 13 votes


  • Gibberish
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    Probably, yeah. Though what exactly it's potential changes are still havent been announced, so who knows if the changes it gets will be ones it deserves.

    Either way, it's a massively overtuned perk and has been needing changes for a very long time.

  • fussy
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    Absolutely yes. This perk is fine by itself, but beyond broken when whole team equip it. ~30% of my games are teams who just ignore everything in the game except gens and it doesn't matter how much pressure you provide on them, because it's 4 Adrenalines. Literally just had another one an hour ago: one gen left, 3 bodyblocks, predrop -> 3 Adrens + 2 Hope, gg ez. The only more braindead gameplay in this game is Nurse with 4 aura perks on Midwich/Gideon.

    I completely agree with a comment I read recently: if this perk had been released on PTB today, it would never have reached to live version. This is a fine and fair perk on its own, but it is not a 1v1 game, it's 1v4.

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    I think ... yeah, at least an little change.

    Alright, so adrenaline is 30% use (to the stats), an free perk, strong perk who only require to the last gen done for the activation, so, not for situation, can work with exhaustion (that's mean you doesn't have to do " strategies " with this perk and it work with other strong and used exhaustion perks like Lithe and Sprint Burst.

    It provide 2 strongs effect : the sprint boost (150% for 5 seconds) and the most important one, the INSTANT HEAL.

    Remind that, in the game, the only 2 perks who provide instant heal right now are For The People, and Adrenaline.

    But, For The People have an counterpart (the broken status effect, and you have to doesn't be injuried and close to an survivor).


    What changes did i want and why :)

    So, this perk is FUN to use (as survivor) but really frustrating as killer because, imagine, everyone was injuried, even the guy you where chasing for 15 minutes (give up the chase man), and, under one second .. BAM ! Everyone have an sprint burst, and everyone is fully healed, this perk give to the killer the feeling that all the effort was ruined.

    So, I had an little nerf idea who will still make the perk good, but not THAT gamechanging (even if complete the last generator have to be rewarded, not that munch please).

    My changes are :

    • Now it's 3 or 4 seconds speed boost.
    • Passive heal of 16 seconds (like srings).
    • Only trigger on survivor who are in the dying state, no longer to the injuried survivors (will help in chase and more used in the boring slug situation, forced the killer to pick up because he doesn't instant know if guys have adrenaline).

    Alright, also have to say that ... I also play survivor, i tried to give an 50 killer / 50 survivor sided point of view, thanks for the read :)

  • Science_Guy
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    If a team is destroying a killer with a "braindead" playstyle that requires using only 2 or 3 perks the entire game, they're going to destroy the killer running four of them. What exactly changes if they just delete Adrenaline in your example? FTP/Buckle Up three times instead? Do gens instead of blocking, rescue the last person and 4 out anyway?

    And if what if it's not four coordinated Survivors running the perk? This exact same argument of "Oh, the perk is fine normally but it's broken in SWF and I had miserable game to prove it!" is used again and again despite hyper-coordinated teams being a tiny fraction of the player base. Fact is, there's not a single halfway decent perk in the game that can't feel broken when four people who know what they're doing decide to use it effectively. That doesn't mean that said perk is broken. It's just easier to blame the perk than admit that the team that used it was good at the game.

    Adrenaline is and always has been fine. Nerfing it in any way, beyond removing the nonsense Freddy effect, is just a bad call.

  • fussy
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    It's not about amount of perks. You need nothing but 4 fat toolboxes to power up gates in 4-5 minutes and 2-4 minutes with some perks. Ayrun did it, i did it with friends. And there is nothing special about it, even some rare soloq matches could last 4-6 minutes, if killer too interested in tunneling one good survivor or something. Like Otz once said, problem not exactly with Adren, but with how easy make a condition for its activation.

    And if you really need an explanation of what will change, please: killer will have a chance to punish this playstyle. Because now perk literally is "i will ignore everything in this game, cause i can't be punished for it". One health state on one survivor could change the game easily. That's why DH is what it is now. 4 health state on different survivors? In endgame? It's always free win.

    Fact is, there's not a single halfway decent perk in the game that can't feel broken when four people who know what they're doing decide to use it effectively

    Nah, not really. CoH, Exponential, Background Player, Adrenaline. In some ways OTR, Saboteur, Head On and new Champ of Light. That's it, not so many. There are plenty of other perks that are decent and not broken in SWF.

    I also adore hypocrisy level on this forum. Strong perk on killer? Oh, it can't be strong because of Nurse and Blight. Strong perk which broken in swf? Oh, you know, there is not some much really good SWF, we could buff already strongest players in this game. How often i see god tier Blight and Nurse players? Oh, every game, i swear.

    Adrenaline is and always has been fine.

    Yeah, yeah, same as old DH was fine, same as old CoH was fine, as old MFT. All these things are fine as long as they help you feel untouchable.