Background Player removes skill expression of Flashlights


It used to be getting a save was impressive. You had to position just right and time it near perfect for when the killer picked up. Now you can just hide 10 meters away with ease and sprint and blind with no problem, it's actually more surprising when someone misses a save with Background Player on.

It's a perk like STBFL, not really strong in most situations or all the time, but problematic in a certain area that can be frustrating for the other side.


  • Emeal
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    I understand your perspective, but I believe it's preferable not to restrict players who may lack the skill to execute a proficient flashlight save without perks from experiencing that gameplay. Even though it's traditionally seen as an expression of great skill and finesse, allowing accessibility can cater to a wider player base. Moreover, a highly skilled player still has the option to forgo that specific perk, freeing up a valuable perk slot for alternative strategies.

    I completely disagree with the idea that wider accessibility diminishes the experience's value, I think the perceived value is subjective, and it's not necessary to overly concern ourselves with what others are doing are doing or if they are getting ahead. When I was a kid and showed up on my bike with training wheels, I don't think anyone else who didn't use them would feel their skill on bike were diminished because of that, so neither should yours in this videogame.

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    My issue with BGP is that it causes every pallet pickup in the entire map to be unsafe. The survivor can be so far away where you can't possibly chase them off. You can literally cross half of a map in those 5 seconds on some maps. If you communicate with your team to always go down at a pallet, no one is getting hooked all match as long as pallets are still standing.