Why are Map Offerings still in the game?


They're only used to either send the Killer to an extremely Survivor sided map like the Game, Eyrie, or Badham, or used by the Killer to do some annoying gimmick build, Map Offerings add nothing but irritation to the game, please remove them already.


  • Desteriaa
    Desteriaa Member Posts: 118

    Sacrificial wards exist if you don’t want to go to a certain map use them.

  • Seraphor
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    Facing a mirror myers is the single best experience in this game and you can't have that without a map offering.

    Outside of that, maps simply aren't as unbalanced as most seem to believe. The unbalanced part is the SWF that's using it. You would have lost even if they didn't play the map offering, because you were facing a highly coordinated SWF.

    When solo's play map offerings it's of almost no consequence.