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Not fair
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  • TheSingularity
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    It's fair. It's just annoying when it happens to you. Not that this is the case but if killer camps hook end game, you can't blame them as they have nothing else to do.

  • Crowman
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    With the anti-facecamp feature, there's nothing unfair about camping now. If the killer it too close to the hook, the hooked survivor can unhook themselves after sometime. If the killer isn't too close, survivors have a window to make the save.

    ABAEX Member Posts: 138

    anti-facecamp is good.

    if survivor Failed to hide and failed twice in the chase, leads to being hooked up. that is survivor not good enough.

    survivor have 2 chance to escape form killer case

  • xEa
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    Its lame and unfun, thats fore sure. But it is not cheating or anything.

    Calling it "Bad Sportsmanship" is more acurate then "not fair".

    09SHARKBOSS Member Posts: 913

    fair but in my opinion its toxic

  • jonifire
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    I miss face camping bubbas.

  • Alex_
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    Not fair

    Depends on the situation. Its totally fine if its in endgame or if the survivors didnt unhook for 50 seconds and you camp the hooked person to second stage for the last 10 seconds. But mostly its just unfun for anyone. The anticamp is definitely a good thing, but it needs improvements, for example on multiple floor buildings. Now, calling it "not fair" is maybe a bit over the top. Its rather toxic/boring. But i assume this is just a bad choice of words abd this is what the author meant. Correct me if i'm wrong tho.

  • Halloulle
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    it's not so much about fair or unfair. - But more about "healthy for the game or not healthy for the game" - and I think it's not healthy. Devs seem to disagree though, so there's that.

  • Atsuka_Anarchy
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    You can play however you want, camping can be unnecessary early game, but it's a strategy used to lure in other survivors as we already know. I see it more around the last 2 gens to EG where they're simply securing a kill. Early game camping isn't enjoyable but it's a killer's way of securing kills at the expense of your play value. Same with Gen jockeys, you can complete all Gens and not even interact with the killer the whole match, making it a pretty boring experience.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    Especially now the most problematic aspects have been dealt with (the face-camping and grabbing a Survivor who is trying to rescue), it's in a good place.

    Of course it can still be frustrating, but there's really nothing else that can be done at this stage which wouldn't be problematic. It's fair.

  • OneAutumnLeaf
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    same when people are hiding all game with full stealth builds, the min I get a hook Im milking it for everything I can get out of it.

  • xltechno
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    There are people who are able to act on their best behavior when one sirvivor onhooked and others who are not. The reason is there why opinions are divided.