Are you happy with The Onyrō’s Addon-Passes?

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How do you feel about this everyone?

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Are you happy with The Onyrō’s Addon-Passes? 12 votes

I love it! Great job!
TommyDorkelson 1 vote
It was okay. Still needs work.
OnryosTapeRentalsAlex_sizzlingmario4aprilghost_ytChaosWamMechWarrior3TheSingularityjonifireAstel 9 votes
Scarlet Witch “What Add-on Pass?”
09SHARKBOSSradiantHero23 2 votes


  • TheSingularity
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    It was okay. Still needs work.

    You forgot to mention me. Sigh, sometimes it's not easy being an android.

  • jonifire
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    It was okay. Still needs work.

    Most of her addons are either weak or are from an past design, which doesn‘t fit her currently.

    The only good addon change I remember is the videotape copie. The others got only worse in my opinion (Ring drawing/Iri videotape/yoichis fishing net).

    Many could be buffed and some need reworks.

  • MechWarrior3
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    It was okay. Still needs work.

    Awww hugs!! I’m so sorry! If it makes you feel better I am trying my hardest being a droid myself. I have singularity at p18. I adore the singularity mains. 🥰

  • MechWarrior3
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    It was okay. Still needs work.

    I would agree 💯 your words are PERFECT. I don’t think you could have said it any better my friend.

  • radiantHero23
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    Scarlet Witch “What Add-on Pass?”

    It's awful.

    (what addon pass?)

    I'm deeply disappointed in both she had. The only addons that changed are the ones that where problematic because of their strength. Iri tape and ring drawing where too strong. They are in a much healthier spot now, that is good. For all people that deeply dislike my takes: I think the iri tape is too weak right now and deserves buffs. Ring Drawing is weaker but much healthier because it encourages hooking over slugging.

    All the awful addons haven't changed since she released despite the amount of feedback that got collected over time.

    If you ask me about the 3ish addons that changed, Id say : I love it, great job!

    From what I've experienced in addon passes in the past, many addons get changed. Around 70% of Sadakos addons have not changed at all over 2 passes. I can't call that a good job or even okay.

  • OnryosTapeRentals
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    It was okay. Still needs work.


    They’ve changed her power around a lot but not updated her addons to fit her current iteration. Some of them are outdated and others have just always been bad and need improvements.

  • ChaosWam
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    It was okay. Still needs work.

    My biggest problem is Iridescent Tape. I've seen people praise it for mobility but... I don't know, I don't have a pressing need for mobility without it and with it, TVs interacted with survivors are off even longer and that feels even worse in terms of time. That's not mentioning the loss of your pressure tool with condemned.

    Most of the other addons just need some love in general too. VCR also needs some adjustments since TV auras are always visable when active within their radius so mindgames have gone down, which I see with my favorite build unfortunately. Maybe if it removed the directional audio of the teleport as well? Even then, the auras give it away.

  • aprilghost_yt
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    It was okay. Still needs work.

    I like about 85% of her addons and think they're fantastic, I will say that.

    There are a few that are simply never going to be used by a knowledgeable player for any reason though. Sea soaked cloth is completely outclassed by Yoichi's Net (also a yellow), rickety pinwheel adds brief bursts of obliviousness to a stealth killer (lol) and relies on TVs being on, something both sides are trying to avoid in this version of her. Distorted photo still has the silly trigger condition that the survivor has to be looking at you when you manifest, and clump of hair is only really useful on big outdoor maps and why would you ever bring yourself to one of those maps...

    So, yeah, I think those 4 are the ones I see as being borderline useless. A simple fix I've been hoping for for a while is to use them to add chase benefits when chasing tape carriers. Even if they were extremely minor, I would use those add-ons because successfully hooking a tape carrier is such a huge reward in itself, I'd take any boost I could get.

  • MechWarrior3
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    It was okay. Still needs work.

    I would agree with you.

    I miss the old fishing net, though, it was one of my favorite add-ons, yeah it wasn’t the most useful but the extra 12% speed making condemn grow faster on videotapes was so much fun then synergizing it with tape editing deck! 😍

    09SHARKBOSS Member Posts: 929
    Scarlet Witch “What Add-on Pass?”

    its ok try bein a fish its fun but life can be a beach sometimes

  • sizzlingmario4
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    It was okay. Still needs work.

    There were some good changes (the new Videotape Copy is actually quite good), but could use a little more work.

    Sea-Soaked Cloth and Rickety Pinwheel have lost a lot of their value since survivors actually want to turn off TVs now regardless, so they aren’t very good anymore. There’s almost never a scenario where you want to leave a nearby TV powered on if you can help it. Both of these addons should probably be reworked.

    VCR is a lot worse now due to survivors being able to see TV auras as that kinda just gives it away. It should temporarily disable the auras while Sadako is projecting.

    Iridescent Videotape is really bad. I like the idea behind it, but it’s not worth it with the 2 downsides it has. Since survivors turning off TVs keeps them off for longer than normal it just largely defeats the purpose of the addon. If anything it should reduce the cooldown when a survivor turns off a TV, not increase it.