Changing The Color Of Aura Reading

Accessibility is a really nice thing to have, and I see no downside to being able to change the colors of Aura Reading...


For those with Colorblindness, it might be a good idea to implement this since it can just outright change the colors from something that is difficult to see to something a lot more manageable.

I struggle a lot with Red and Green thanks to my Colorblindness, but being able to change them into Purple or Blue will make them more visible for me.

Colorblind Settings are helpful compared to nothing but at times they can only help so much.

Making Things More Customizable

Imagine if you could change the color of Totems to be Purple or Generators to be Blue. Bringing more dynamic color options for different Aura Reading is amazing since it overall brings a lot more color into DBD overall, and allows players to more accurately read the information being presented to them.

Giving players more control over information and how it is presented is amazing for everyone, it tends beyond just accessibility and gives everyone a boost to their capabilities.

Solves Some Controversies In The Process

Filters in DBD are a really controversial topic since many players feel as if they provide an unfair advantage over other players.

Having something that allows players to have more control over how the game is presented overall bridges that gap, and since it is an ingame setting it provides more incentive to use it since it's provided by BHVR instead of 3rd party services (NVidia/ReShade).

Extending Beyond Just Aura Reading

This can also be provided for a bunch of other things as well, the Survivor/Killer HUD can have color customization options to increase readability.

The Killer's Stain (or light indicating which direction they are looking) can also be customized to make them easier to see.

There is an infinite amount of options here, FPS games have been doing this for years, it's not a new concept and there are many different ways of implementation that BHVR can take!


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    This is a great idea I was going to suggest myself.

    All these ideas could just be in an accessibility section of the menu. It would be nice to set the default auras for generators, totems, killers, survivors, chests, hooks, gates, basically just tweak the aura color of all objects to your liking.

    Oh right, and I forgot about scratch marks. The ability to change the color of scratch marks is also important, especially for the color blind.

    Then, in the loadout section, each perk that reveals auras could have its own little option button (when applicable), such that...

    For instance, you could set default generator auras to white. Eruption highlights the kicked generators in green. And discordance highlights them in magenta. Either a large selection of predefined colors, or just a big RBG wheel would be nice.