Would you rather see DEATH NOTE as a Chapter/Paragraph or just as a Collection?

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Chapter Concept:

If it were a chapter/paragraph, the Killer, of course, would be Light Yagami; with his power being Ryuk and the Death Note.


How this would work is, well, I saw this concept in a Reddit post, this is my version of it; maybe survivors could step on pages of the book, the first time, it will Ryuk to the Survivors and they will scream. Light could also throw paper balls at you. Each time they get hooked after they step on / gets hit by a paper ball, Light will receive one word that Survivor's name. On death hook, you're going to want to hide, because if Light sees you, he will write your name in his Death Note and you die. As Light, you have to look at the Survivor as your writing their name, this takes 6 seconds. (Need a name and a face, basically Moris are unnecessary.)

Speaking of which, his Mori:

would likely be him making you tear you own throat apart, much more of a Mori than a heart attack, imo.

Would this work IRL? Probably not. But I think I did my best with SORT OF sticking to the lore.


If this came to fruition, then Misa-Misa would be a Legendary for Light. L. would be the Survivor; his would probably be Near, Mello, Touta Matsuda and Soichiro Yagami (Light's dad).

Collection Concept:

Even if this doesn't get to be a chapter, regardless, a few of these would likely be the case if they did a collab.

Ryuk as Wraith Legendary

Rem as Artist Ultra-Rare set

Light Yagami as Felix set (or Trickster Legendary)

Misa-Misa Amane as Feng set (or Legion Legendary)

and L. as Jake Legendary.

Touta Matsuda as Dwight set

Soichiro Yagami as Vittorio set

But yeah, that's about all that I can come up with. So the question being...

Would you rather see DEATH NOTE as a Chapter/Paragraph or just as a Collection? 16 votes

It could work as it's own Chapter.
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It's probably better off as a Collection.
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Apples 🍎
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