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What are some some struggles that killers face?

KewlPennies Member Posts: 5
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Admittedly. I haven't played a TON of killer. I've played up to gold I/iri 4 a few times, but I don't normally play it as much as survivor because it feels too boring and easy, and usually I play with my friend. That's just how it is for me I understand it's not like that for everyone. I was having a hard time with ghostface for a bit, but then I figured out how to make it work and things went back to being easy. I feel like I don't often hear good arguments for killers going through challenges, like usually when I hear someone who plays killer say that they're struggling with something I go "Why don't you do this?" and they go "Oh, I didn't think of that." I know there's certainly struggles killers face I'm sure, I'm not stupid, but I'd like to hear more so I can get a better idea. I feel like it would improve my perspective on things.


  • Mooks
    Mooks Member Posts: 14,488

    Genrush. or at least the feeling of gens being rushed quickly. I get that even in matches where I find survivors quickly and even down them quickly. I always wonder how these teams are so lucky to get teammates that actually do gens.

    lagging survivors. I get them more and more tbh. I am on central EU servers (Frankfurt) and Eastern Europe/Middle East players are sadly also on them - can’t really blame them as they don’t have a choice in this but on the other hand very few of them feel like they know how to use it as an advantage and I can swing RiGHT at them and they are suddenly meters away in a different direction not injured. Or they are injured/downed but also so far away that it’s disorienting. Makes plenty of killer powers also kinda useless..

    bad matchmaking. This is not only for killer side and can go both ways. Too easy or too hard opponents. Both cases can make the match boring.

  • Coz
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    Finding those pesky survivors in the first place. Seen games where I’m non stop patrolling gens and not a peep in sight.

    started using The Doctor witch helped a fair bit :)

  • BlightedDolphin
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    Fighting the disappointment I feel every time I play HUNK and don't hear Looming Dread.

  • MadameExotine
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    When a freshly unhooked surv with basekit BT, gets in my way and take a protection hit when I am chasing the unhooker, then d/cs because I switch back to them and "tunnelled" them for them taking protection hit.