bloodweb error


platform: ps5

dear devs, ik you are working hard, but since you add new bloodweb automatic system this bug occurred. So basically whenever you upgrade a bloodweb lvl this error can happen and it takes you after like a minute or so out of lobby into a starting screen and you can do nothing about it. This bug makes spending bloodpoints really annoying. As far ad i concerned it happens only on ps5.

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  • BugReporterOnly
    BugReporterOnly Member Posts: 353

    I am on Switch and this happens to me a lot. I have always wondered if it was just my game or platform and I'm glad I came across this. I'm adding this is also a Swotch problem.

  • SimpleYetKomplex
    SimpleYetKomplex Member Posts: 20

    Similar issue, although I don't get an error! I was directed here from my own post to add more info.

    When attempting to level up the bloodweb with the automatic purchase button, it doesn't progress and I'm barred from exiting the lobby or entering the other menus. All I can really do is start the game.

    Step 1: Select Survivor

    Step 2: Open Bloodweb

    Step 3: Press Automatic Purchase

    As you can see in this video, I opted to play in hopes it'd get rid of the issue. However, the same thing occured when I joined a lobby and tried using automatic purchase again.

  • Deathstroke
    Deathstroke Member Posts: 3,127

    Has happened me few times on xbox but only slight annoyance for me at worst.