High ping pallet bug

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I was playing the game and everything was normal. But suddenly I experienced a sudden ping and at that moment a survivor was knocking a pallet on my head. While I was pinging, I couldn't see anything, but when the ping ended, I couldn't see a dropped palette on my screen. Despite this, I could not move to the other side of the pallet and the survivor was looking at me from the other side (this is evidence that the pallet had fallen over on the survivor's screen). Pressing Space didn't help either. But what's really interesting is that by trying a few shreds (I was playing demogorgon), I was able to hit the survivor on the other side of the pallet and look at me, knocking him down (he was injured), and then pick him up from the other side of the pallet. After some time, another survivor came to the same pallet again and made a vault from the invisible pallet. The palette was one of the one-sided palettes on the Gideon map, so unless this bug is fixed, the overturned palette there may cause problems.

Platform = Epic Games

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