Spitball “The ______” Killer Names

GhostEuant Member Posts: 243
Just list cool/funny killer titles that could be used in the future. Feel free to include a brief (not boxers) description if you so desire.


  • weirdkid5
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    The Meta

    This Killer has the special ability of making all meta Killers perks twice as effective at the cost of being thee times more vulnerable to meta Survivor perks.
  • GhostEuant
    GhostEuant Member Posts: 243
    -The Queen
    -The Shark
    -The Dagger
    -The Captain
    -The Spider
    -The Vessel
    -The Possessed
    -The Patriot
    -The Wicked
  • NotBiasedAtAll
    NotBiasedAtAll Member Posts: 50

    The Dude
    The Man
    El Tigre
    The Reason I'm up at 1:00 am
    The Leech - Bloodsucker
    The Beast - Animalistic
    The Shadow - A pitch black figure
    The Slasher - An old school horror reference with a cliche from the era turned into a power
    The Revenant - Zombie

  • Noxerias
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    The Mesmer - A hypnotist/therapist that distorts the victims mind with a pocket watch like power.
    The Hermit - A recluse that worships the entity in cold, isolated areas.
    The Doll - A mentally traumatized killer that believes they're a doll/plaything.
    The Judge - A crooked judge that falsely sentenced people to their deaths.
    The Gardner - A disturbed individual that plants a garden beds where they bury there victims. (They have a lovely front lawn though!)