Greenville Square (Withered Isle)



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    The map seems large but in practice the size isn't an issue. There are a lot of pallets but most of the pallets are unsafe and can be played around even as m1 killers, so this is also not really an issue. i hate to say it but any other killers here that are struggling on this map due to either of these factors needs to learn to play better. For the pallets just learn to mindgame then instead of breaking them everytime. For the map size just write of the cinema gen and then the map is very easy to patrol.

    Overall balanced map and probably one of the better maps BHVR has made in a long time.

  • D34D_B34TB0X
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    As much as I think the map looks absolutely perfect, the pallet placement is a bit excessive and there too close together in some areas, and there's some loops where there's two pallets literally sitting next two each other, if not in more than one loop. And as much as I usually don't mind big maps, in fact I love them, running around the map, though you could just level it down a bit, slightly push it together like an accordion 🪗, and I probably wouldn't notice the difference.

  • SimpleSage
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    The map is a little big and the gen spread heavily centers around the front of main and by shack.

  • Tipsy
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    A little on the large side other than that I love it. Best map in my opinion. I love the high pallet count but they mostly being unsafe. I love the main building. It is balanced. Maze tiles are good and are all good distance from each other. I will say one issue with the maze tiles is the survivors can see the killer's red stain through them pretty easily. Love this map as both survivor and killer, please dont change it.

  • DerpPotatoes
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    What's bad about this map are a couple of things. Greenville square is a really large map, and I think it should be shortened a smidge. (Make the 12T/96m wall into a 10T/80 m wall instead). Because of how large this map is, the center of the map either has nothing but short pallets, or lots of rocks. The maze tiles seem larger than usual with lots of empty space inside (other maze tiles would either have their walls closer, or at least some fire barrels or some other collision to fill the space). There's so much space, you could place 1 swing set in 1 tile, 1 slide /park bench in another tile, and 1 picnic table in another, just to make it interesting. While the center of the map has empty space with rocks and short pallets, the tiles could be made a bit safer and loopable to compensate.

    Design-wise, the generator placement is terrible. Majority of the time, 5 of the generators are placed in the center, with 1 gen at the theater and the other at the statue.

    With only 1 generator in the movie theater, there should've been another generator placed in the parking lot. (The theater is the focal point of this map, but there's a severe lack of usage for the parking lot.) The generator in the projection booth can also be placed in the restrooms for more variance since survivors barely head into the restrooms. (If there's a generator in the projection booth, the restroom should have a window vault instead of a drop, and if there's a generator in the restroom instead, the restroom drop remains a drop.) The restrooms could also do with a hole leading to the arcade, like how the projection room has a hole leading to the concessions stand.

    Honestly, just having 1 generator spawn next to a dumpster on the side of the theater, 1 spawn in the parking lot, and having a projection booth generator would split the map better in terms of generator placement. (3,3,1 rather than 1,5,1 currently.)

    What's strange about this map is, there's a sign for the Moonstone Cafe, yet it's not even in the map. (The theater is just comprised of an auditorium, concessions stand, ticket booth, restrooms, projection booth, and arcade.) Maybe have a map variant (like Badham Preschool 1,2,3,4,5) and swap out the Theater with the actual Moonstone Cafe with a sign that says "Greenville Movie Theatre" on its side.

    I believe the Statue should be the center point of the map, and the shack should be moved to the other end of the map. (Similar to Father Campbell's Chapel). I think the entrances to the Statue (there's 4 "legit" entrances, for each cardinal point) should have at least 2 pallets spawn randomly at each entrance "gate" to make it a loopable centerpoint.

    Since this is a small town theater, you'd think there'd be a paved road leading straight from the theater to the Statue. I'm assuming it's supposed to be a park that borders the theater, but the lack of paved roads/flowerbeds & flower boxes/lampposts makes it feel more like a random forest than some park.

  • Malkhrim
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    It's hard to say for sure which side it favors the most, but I must say it has two very noticeable design flaws:

    1. It has tiles with two pallets. Double pallets where known to be awful in the past, and that is why they got removed many, many years ago (I know they can still spawn once in a while in other maps like Badham if the RNG doesn't find somewhere else to place a pallet, but it's extremely rare. On Greenville Square, they appear every match!). It's strange to see them back.
    2. The way the gens are spread is really weird: there are always five or six gens in the woods that occupy most of the map's space. The sixth gen appears either in the woods or at the edge of the parking lot... but the seventh gen is always at the upper floor of the movie theater, which is way too far from the other gens, which feels even worse because of how long it takes to take the stairs and get to where the gen is. Because all the gens are spread far away from there, the killer just has little to no reason to ever go to the main building! Seriously, why even bother go all the way there to protect ONE gen in a main building full of loops when all the other gens are easier to protect, and you can lose more than one of them just for going defend the gen in the main bulding? To me, that is the biggest design flaw in the map. The main building looks awesome, one of the best looking in the game, but killers will rarely see it and chases will rarely take place on it.
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