Perk Not Appearing in Bloodweb

D3adly_May Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

With one of my survivors (Nea) I can't upgrade 3 perks because they no longer appear in the bloodweb. I have gone up 2 prestige levels and it still hasn't appeared. I'm on PC.

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What perks are not appearing for you - are they perks that you've unlocked on other characters etc?


  • BugReporterOnly
    BugReporterOnly Member Posts: 353

    By chance is it any of the Stranger Things perks? If so they now are part of the DLC again and you need Nancy, Steve and Demogorgon to unlock them.

  • D3adly_May
    D3adly_May Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

    It is the stranger things perks, Fixated, Inner Strength, Better Together, Camaraderie, Second Wind, and Babysitter. But that wouldn't make any sense. Because I able to get the perks on my other survivors after the DLC came back. I bought Adam from the shop about a week or 2 ago now and I was able to get all the perk including the stranger things perks, on Adam all the way to purple. He has all purple perks. The only ones I haven't been able to get the perks to purple are survivors Jake (Better Together, Fixated, Camaraderie, Babysitter), Nea (Fixated, Babysitter, Inner Strength), Bill (Camaraderie, Second Wind, Babysitter, and Fixated), David (Inner Strength). Only certain perks don't appear on certain survivors. My other survivors Meg, Clem, Adam, Dwight have all the perks in purple.