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Would you have to see before the first survivor is sacrificed to say they didn’t get tunneled?

Personally if no one dies till 5 hooks that feels like the minimum to say they didn’t tunnel to me.

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  • MrPenguin
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    Unless they're hooked 3 times back to back they weren't hard tunneled. So The minimum to be "not tunneled" would be at least 1 hook in-between, so 4.

    The survivor could just get unlucky and be found twice quickly or give the killer an opportunity to eliminate them quickly. But I think once the killer makes an effort to go find someone else and chase + hook them you can't say they were going in with the intention to tunnel someone out from the get go.

  • Archol123
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    I mean technically even 3 is enough, just because you are not getting tunneled when you bodyblock the killer after getting unhooked when he tries to go for someone else. And even if not, let's say he just does not get a down from other people but didn't chase you for like a minute or so, I still don't think you are getting tunneled, you are just the weak link, tough luck.

  • Starrseed
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    I would even say three cause tunneling is not tunneling. If the dude uses his bt to bodyblock then it's not tunneling. If I go around the map not finding anyone and I circle back and find that guy after two minutes that's not tunneling that's bad luck

  • LeFennecFox
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    It's not tunneling unless the intent is to find them immediately after unhook. If I chase and hook someone else and I run into them I will hook them again.

  • BOFH
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    One sacrifice after four hooks is pretty definitively not tunneling, but I would even say getting sacrificed in the first three hooks of the match doesn't mean you were tunneled.

    Sometimes the killer just can't find anyone else and you were the weakest link.

    Tough luck, go next, and learn from your mistakes so eventually you aren't the one getting tunneled for being the weakest link.

  • HerInfernalMajesty
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    Honestly, tunneling doesn’t bother me personally so I’m actually okay with 3 hooks.

    But to say they weren’t tunneled? That’s tough. I’ve seen the first Survivor die on the 9th hook and they still scream tunneling so… 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • KatsuhxP
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    Well 4 if you really want to have a hook between every state.

    But I personally like getting tunneled and don't see it as a problem, so he can chase someone 3 times back to back if he wants to xD