Alien can get completely stuck on Hawkins

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If a player tries to travel to a specific tunnel as the alien on Hawkins, they will climb up an into a crate. They will remain stuck there until the end of the trial. Survivors also cannot retrieve flame turrets from this tunnel/dispenser.

Steps to reproduce bug:

Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Play as killer (the xenomorph) in a public match, burn a Hawkins offering.

Step 3 : In-game, travel to the tunnel in the farthest corner away from the portal to the upside down.

Step 4 : Notice the player is now stuck, clipping inside of a pile of crates. You will not be albe to go back into the tunnel, or leave this exact spot.

Additional information

  • Character played (I was Alan Wake, but survivor choice doesn't matter) (You will need to be Alien to reproduce this bug.
  • Perks played (N/A)
  • Map (Hawkins Lab)
  • Frequency of the issue (I'm not sure, because the cells change for each trial, the crates might be in a different location on a different match.)

Hope this is fixed/killswitched soon, I felt bad for the poor alien lol.

Thanks devs!

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