No way we actually got a 5 second DS back right?


This perk is already extremely powerful at 3 seconds, there's a reason it's still used consistently. Now we're just going to see the oh so fun playstyle of "I got unhooked and I'm going to body block the killer to force them to tunnel me since I have OTR and DS"



  • caligraph
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    Its alright at 3 seconds but its nothing to call home about. 5 second ds could prove to be an issue with basekit BT+OTR being in the game now.

  • HolyDarky
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    First, yes tunnling is a problem and it is very frustating when you get tunneled out of the match. However, the 5sec is too much. This perk was already fine with 3sec but this buff will make the weaker killers (like Ghostface, Trapper, Pig) even more weaker while strong killers in Nurse, Blight, or Wesker don't mind this because they can catch up easily. Another issue is also that one perk should be the solution of tunnling? I wish we had more different antitunnlingperks to bring more viarity to the builds but also basekitmechanics that prevent tunnling (like a reward for the killer for not tunnling or turning more killers into antitunnelperks like Friends Til the End already or No Way Out are). I am not happy about this because it feels like a cheap and wrong solution for a issue that needs more attention then "year give this perk - that lies behind a paywall - two extra seconds so survivors are happy and we make more money". I think this will hurt the game in the longterm more than it helps.

  • RpTheHotrod
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    3 second DS was already strong. The problem was people misunderstood its purpose and wouldn't strategize with it. You're supposed to go down near a window or pallet. That way once you escape their grasp, you just waltz over to the window or pallet and bam, you just reset the chase.

    The biggest problem that BHVR has is that all these anti tunneling tools, they keep forgetting to prevent it from being weaponized against the killer. All people do is run OTR and DS with bodyblocking to FORCE the killer to attack them, and then the killer is punished for tunneling. DS should deactivate if taking a protection hit. It's one of the easiest things they can do, and they completely missed it.

  • Unknown2765
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    Killers made this happen, by constant tunneling.

    The way most killers are currently playing, this change is a positive move for the game's overall health.