Game keeps disconnecting randomly

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I play on Steam on PC. Over the past few weeks, I've been getting disconnected from my matches randomly. I have no problems with my computer, it's definitely the game. I've also seen it happen to streamers that play the game. It will disconnect every single person from the match, not just me. Happens about every 10 games I play. I've been trying to get my adept achievements and just now I was literally 10 seconds away from finishing the game as killer and getting the 4k. And right before I hooked the last survivor, boom…the game disconnects. I was so upset. All my hard work completely wasted. Took me multiple attempts at this achievement just for the game to disconnect me on the game that I finally got it on!
Please please fix this problem! I'm going to have to put off the adept attempts until this issue is resolved.
Thank you.

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