Can we talk about Serum Vial?

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So, I thought it would be altered out of the PTB. I know that Unknown had another exhaustion effect, didnt know too much about it, but I was consistently exhausted whenever he got close.

Because its genuinely ridiculous. If you're with 8 meters of ANY husk, you get 10 seconds of exhaustion.
Berus Toxin on Huntress, gave 30 seconds of exhaustion after she hit someone with her hatchet. And while that was basically exhausting them forever, it did require a hit first.

If Unknown drops a husk in chase, you're basically permanently exhausted. And by the time you get rid of it (by somehow walking 10 seconds in chase) he can spawn another one.

I would understand 5 seconds somewhat, you can walk that off, but 10 seconds exhaustion for literally doing nothing? Insane.

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