Subtle Cheater Epidemic


BHVR needs to up crackdown harder against cheaters by improving their anticheat and their report system

Spookyloopz and Ayrun try to figure out if this was a subtle cheater


  • WeirdHexButOk
    WeirdHexButOk Member Posts: 23

    If DBD falls for an attack similar to those in Apex Legends, I'm uninstalling. They can literally download files onto your computer through Apex.

  • WeirdHexButOk
    WeirdHexButOk Member Posts: 23

    I've encountered plenty of blatant cheaters lately. I try my best to report them, and I love receiving notification that they've been banned. I can only imagine how many subtle cheaters are out there. There are plenty of times it's impossible to tell if they're just lagging or actually speed hacking. Other times, there's just one survivor cheating but they make it look like others are cheating. What's more concerning is that what happened to Apex Legends might come over to DBD. Where they can literally modify a user's files through the game and even install files. I've gone as far as to uninstall Apex Legends for this reason. I'd hate to do the same for DBD.

  • Batusalen
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    Sincerely, I don't think there was anything else to "figure out" after looking at his perks. He was obviously speedhacking. It's not something new or uncommon either, this has been a big problem for well over a year now.

  • Senaxu
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    Unfortunately, nothing will change. Either you accept it or change the game.

    Personal note
    In case you accept it: There are a lot of good skins that you can pay money for, the purchase recommendation is out.
    The reason why it still is that way btw.

  • bleep275
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    there has been a massive surge in cheaters lately. I’ve had 3 confirmed bans from my reports from just two days playing. Thankfully when a report goes through the game tells you action was taken which is amazing, and a good reminder that they do actually address reports

  • Skillfulstone
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    Every cheater epidemic in DBD's history ran it's course similarily.

    Cheaters show up, start harrassing content creators/Fog Whisperers to promote the cheats they are selling/try to damage the game.

    BHVR makes very little public acknowledgement of the situation (people still get feedback about their reports) while upgrading their anti-cheat behind the scenes.

    After weeks (maybe a couple months) of being basically ignored and with the new defenses starting to block the new hacks, the cheaters mostly go away and the status quo returns (cheaters are rare and are either super subtle or just goofing around) until the next wave.

    Kinda-like a seasonal flu: it shows up, it's annoying for a while but when it doesn't leave any long-lasting damage it goes away after a bit until a slightly-different strain shows up later.

    This one will likely follow the same pattern.