Trapper and The Pale Rose bugs

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on PC recently I've had two games on The Pale Rose Map in 24h as trapper and they've been buggy.

Game 1: Put a trap on the outside ramp of the Tugboat vault, trapped someone, went to pick them up and then was unable to move/swing, never picking the survivor up. i could look around but it would stop every quarter inch or so. With the "pick up trap" prompt strobe lighting.

Game 2: Put a trap on inside side of the Tugboat vault, to avoid what happened last time, it caught someone, then creased to exist. Couldn't see it nor did it have a prompt to pick up or reset, it did still have its aura if i had an obstacle in the way. With the aura vision it was always open. From the beginning of the match I also couldn't enter chase unless it was the moment i hit someone then it would fall as if i turned and left them to do something else. Kind of relaxing not having the music but the inability to gain blood lust wasn't worth the trade.

Both times (i think) i used Addons: Fastening Tools + Trapper Bag | Perks: Bamboozle, Brutal Strength, Surge. For the Fourth Perk one time i used Hysteria and the other Scourge Hook: Monstrous Shrine

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