Why do top tier killers seem to tunnel way more often than M1 killers?

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I've played killer so long that when I come back to play survivor every killer that isn't Blight, Nurse, and Spirit USUALLY have a fun time and just play a nice game. But when it is a Blight, Nurse, or Spirit, they tunnel all game long (Blights especially). This is especially true for players I've seen that are level 100 at one of these three characters.

It really confuses me because you'd think it would be the other way around. Anyone else see this or know why this is?


  • The_Yosh
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    My thoughts are that people who main those killers want to win, and win decisively. Also, if they are grinding P100, you have to play a ton of games. After grinding P100, you've played and seen most builds.

  • NekoGamerX
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    most m1 killers play for fun like me I love michael myers why I started playing and jump scare myers is best on the game.

  • The_Krapper
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    Idk I don't really notice that, I feel like tunneling is pretty random in my survivor matches, there's no specific killer that is doing it more than any other it's just an occasional thing that pops up, example: I'll have a p100 nurse one game that is cracked hitting unbelievable hits and doesn't tunnel anyone then get another p100 nurse a few matches later that will stand just outside the anti camp range staring at the hook waiting to tunnel.

  • hermitkermit
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    I do think it's a weird misconception when people say most tunnelers are "baby killers". I've encountered plenty of killers that definitely were not new to the game and still tunneled. I think honestly it's just about what's easiest. Tunneling is the easiest/fastest way to win for a killer, and blight, nurse, spirit, because they're so strong just make tunneling that much easier.

  • RFSa09
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    m1 killers instantly loses the game if they overcomit to a tunnel, basically (not counting spirit here)

  • Devil_hit11
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    because blight strength is tunneling. Same for Nurse and Spirit. Killer will perform strategy that yields highest return.

  • WarCorrespondent
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    I would say because they can. Pallets and windows can normally be reached in the 10sec of basekit borrowed time after an unhook.
    Once you're there against an M1, you're playing DBD normally. If you're playing a killer who can keep up, and nullify windows and pallets, its a viable and worthy option to count to 11, and when basekit borrowed time is up, hit them again.

    For an M1, many things can go wrong, so its a bit less certain. With those killers, it becomes certain. Moral of the story? Borrowed Time as a perk is still amazing for the scenario (but sadly a thing your teammate has to bring to benefit you). At the very least, bring it for yourself, because it affects the 3 other survs in your game, if you want to prevent the killer trying to avoid basekit borrowed time on your precious team.

  • Nazzzak
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    Their only motivation is to win, which is probably why they picked the strongest killers to begin with. If tunnelling etc increases the odds of them winning, they'll pick that too.

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  • Unusedkillername
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    In my experience, they don't.

    The only killers that tunnel more than others are the ones whose actual game mechanics kinda softly push the players playing them into it. Spirit finds it easier to hit already injured survivers, Nemesis has to apply infection for his chase to not 3 hit or M1, blight being able to return to hook and unlike billy he is not an istadown so commiting to a health survivor is often worse than returning (somethimes), deathslinger can wait out off the hook BT better than any other killer while not being about to pressure and so on and on you can probably get the point im making is its not got much to do with the killers strength attracting a certain type of player or anything, I don't see nurse as a tunneling culprit for this reason, it's just some powers encourage it more than other kinda like how in the same way hag and trapper do encourage camping so more of them will camp it's just not to the same degree.

  • Krazzik
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    People who play the strongest killers usually do so because they want to win.

    People who tunnel usually do so because they want to win.

    It's no surprise there's a lot of overlap, though personally I'd say any killer is just as likely to tunnel.

  • squbax
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    People who play m1 killers know they will lose anyway so they will not tunnel or try as hard as people who only care about winning, those people are also playing the stronger killers because they want to win.

  • Xernoton
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    M1 killers are horrible and the players usually know that. So, if they really wanted to win, then they might as well play a better killer. Meaning, M1 killers are usually a bit more chill because they know that they are at a disadvantage.