Tombstone add-ons/Myers

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I feel that these add-ons should stay and so I have two ways to make these add-ons feel fun for both sides in more “healthier” ways :

Judith’s tombstone’s slight rework :

  • Make it so that Myers can actually pull survivors out of lockers or off generators, Totems, healing animations , etc… but create a unique animation solely for this add-on where there is a very brief random QTE for both Myers and the survivor ( it would never be the same pattern of a QTE so that the kill or escape feels justified as players would need to be really quick to hit it ) and during the animation , the survivor would be seen struggling to get off of Myers’ grab and also trying to push his weapon away from them and if they succeed, they break off from his grasp and Myers would be stunned briefly while they make a run for it and if they fail, Myers would proceed with his current standing mori animation. i’m sure BHVR is capable of creating a unique animation for this add-on since there are various unique animations in the game, E.G. : Survivors on killers’ shoulders struggling to get off them , struggling against the entity’s claws during the 2nd hook stage , etc… but since it would be a QTE for both sides, i feel it might be tricky to say the least.

  • Tombstone piece, slight rework:

Since this add-on has no downside to it other than an increased stalking time, it should only work on a fully stalked survivor and obviously BHVR would then have to make it so “ Myers’ evil “ would replenish over time ON the fully stalked survivor so that there wouldn’t be the annoyance of “ his power is at 99% and there’s the fully stalked survivor but he can’t activate his power, so he has to find someone else, stalk them, activate his power and then find the fully stalked survivor again.” not to mention , Myers would still be unable to grab survivors out of lockers and pull them off gens, totems , etc… to mori them.
Overall, this change would fit a lot with Myers’ way of playing and toying with his victims and instilling fear in them until ultimately they get killed. it would also keep the theme of the add-on while making it more “fair” since only the survivor who allows Myers to get a lot of stalk from them would get punished for it and not someone else.

  • In the condition that these add-ons are to be removed from the game…:

Simple make them base-kit but create a unique status effect called “Fear “ where if a survivor builds up enough “Fear” they can be outright mori’ed in tier 3, whether they’re healthy, injured or on the ground. I don’t know how this “Fear” mechanic would work and what it would work off of. Something similar to Pyramid head’s special ability within his main power, “Final Judgment .“

Myers being able to kill survivors without any prerequisites is honestly an integral part of his identity and it’s what makes him unique and so this distinctive part of his ability should stay in the game.


  • TieBreaker
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    Destroy both add-ons and replace them with this new add-on:

    Uber Tombstone Slab

    After hooking all survivors once each, Myers enters Tier 4. From this point in the match till the trial is over, Myers can insta down and Mori all survivors.

    Busted, yet much healthier.

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    I'd actually be fine with this, provided you have to stalk in tier 3 to get it.

  • Archol123
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    I guess almost anything is better than what we currently have, but I am not really a fan of insta kill options in this game. If it needs to stay then at least bind it to an interactive mechanic like the condemned on Sadako where the survivors are able to get rid of some of the progress.

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    I love going against Tombstone Myers personally so I don't want them to remove that style of gameplay. Tombstone Myers is some of the most fun and tense high stakes matches in dbd and I love it.

    However, the very rare purple Tombstone Piece add-on is a bit too much. The Iri-Tombstone add-on feels balance by the increased stalk time required. The Tombstone Piece however, even though it still requires an increased stalking effort, doesn't feel as balanced as the Iri-Tombstone. We all know that getting a survivor out of the game early is the easiest path to victory for a killer and that is why tunneling is a popular strategy for some. The Tombstone Piece add-on essentially allows Myers to remove a survivor a bit too quickly for a bit to low of an effort requirement. The stalk requirements for Tombstone Piece to mori a survivor the first time should be the same as the Iri-Tombstone add-on.