Meta Shakeup (again)


Idk if this has been apparent to anyone for like ever, but perks, items and offerings feel like something relied on to win a game. Some of these provide INSANE benefits over others that can alter the outcome of a match significantly. The problem is, some perks/offerings/items are combo'd with others to create unplayable, long, short matches. Gen regression/speed boost perks should be removed, aura reading should have their values toned down, distortion should get a rework, lightborn should get a rework so flashlights can get a nerf.

Personally, as a player who started playing on mobile and have been playing dbd/dbdm for around 10K hours, dbdm's perks were outdated and outright terrible, I basically didn't have anything. On core i run thrill of the hunt, beast of prey, and distressing, and i still get ALOT of 4k's. Its you core players who are so bad at the game that you all rely on these overpowered resources to win, truly crazy honestly. Just be a part of the problem preferably. None of u ever say anything to get this stuff balanced, a word non of you have ever heard playing this game cus you guys just love abusing broken s***.

BHVR, i am urging u to change it all. Perks, items, offerings, even killer designs shouldn't do as much as they do to slowdown/speedup games, its not fun, its not balanced, its most certainly not just a horror game anymore, and its outright boring. No h8 intended w/ this message, just need to vent and get some really important fixes out to u guys, ty.


  • dbdplayerabc123
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    This game will never be balanced. It's an asymmetrical game. There's a meta in every game, and in literally everything. That being said, the fact there are meta perks is a non-issue and not something that needs to be "fixed".

    Take a look at League of Legends. There's over 150 champions, and over 200 items that need to be accounted for. Think of the astronomical number of combinations of characters and items used in a given match, and what Riot needs to do to keep the game relatively balanced. That game is 5v5 and still unbalanced.

    The only thing BHVR can do is assure nothing is game breaking or overpowered. At the end of the day, skill matters, too. You said it yourself, you have over 10k hours and get good mileage out of using non-meta perks, but that's not everyone. I've gone against killers running meta perks and they lost bc they were easy reads / predictable.

    All in all good on you for not running meta perks, I find it boring. More rewarding to play the fun perks and win.

  • opxtreme
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    Another thing to factor in is mmr tho, i do get players who are clearly better than others, but they still run op stuff to survive/get kills. I'd like there to be a non loadout, permanent modifier, basically an all skill gamemode, plusit would be good to test which parts of a killer and survivor's kit needs a nerf or buff. This games meta is so boring, its why so many good content creators are quitting, which is really sad to see. Makes me think abt when Ninja, Noob3, Monto used to play, but they're all gone.