Flashbang and Background player counterplay?


Are there any plans to look at the background player and flashbang combo? If a survivor gets downed on a pallet, there is no choice but to leave them slugged since another survivor can come zooming in from nowhere. With flashbangs, you can't even face a wall to avoid the save and it all comes down to the survivor being able to successfully pull off the timing and not mess up. Both scenarios are really strong when it's a SWF and they can communicate everything. Meanwhile, other teammates have time to do gens and as the killer, all that time you spent chasing and downing that survivor all goes to waste since you either get stunned/flashbanged or have to go look for another survivor to start another chase all over again. I would just like there to be an actual counterplay to this to make it balanced for everyone involved.


  • _Onyx_
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    As of now, the only two things that are in my head that can be done to fix this uncounterable situation are:

    • Nerf Background Player.
    • Allow Killers to cancel the pick up animation during the early stages of it.

    Coz like you said, just knowing the Survivor has that perk cripples the Killer. The strategy of swinging late so the pallet is dropped as you down the Survivor isn't viable either because they simply won't drop it; expecting the pallet or Flashbang save to happen if they get picked up.

    I'd love for the Devs to be transparent about this type of stuff. Devs, tell us you recognise how bad of a situation this perk puts your game in. Lightborn is only a viable perk to use consistently on certain Killers, since for example, Myers, Spirit and Legion get hurt by being blinded the most. So being immune to blinds helps them a lot in maintaining a chase, on top of countering the Flashbang. But Lightborn only protects against blinds, the pallet saves are still made problematic by Background Player.

  • weekendguy
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    Background + flashbang doesnt work if you're not close enough before killer picks up survivor and the whole flashbang build can be countered if killer takes a look around before picking up or uses lightborne or ultimate weapon. About pallet save, let 1 perk work ok to save survivor who fell front of pallet since even saboteur not enough to save a survivor anymore.

  • RpTheHotrod
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    Anyone running bgplayer is always going to be close enough. There is a reason they run it. Keep in mind it also let's the survivor literally cross half of a lot of the maps in a mere 5 seconds. It's ludicrous speed. Almost plaid.

  • Limitless_Pondering
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    Ultimate weapon doesn't make survivors scream anymore lol it got gutted and is useless now against survivors running background player. Plus, even if you check around the area, what if the survivor hides well? There are certain maps where that approach is easier said than done. And again, all that time you spend checking around the tiles, rocks, walls, etc., is a lot of time you're wasting against an efficient team, especially a SWF.