Do not make the same mistake with Freddy (rework/fix)

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Freddy's is the weakest killer and very unpopular. Do not just make his pallets basekit and buff numbers. He needs Quality of Life changes and an increase in fun factor. Currently, he lacks strength and is boring to play or play against.

Because of that, I want to change him so that the 5 Freddy Mains or new Freddy players can enjoy him. I am combining his old and new kit while trying not to make him overpowered. I am sorry in advance for any mistakes or long post.

KILLER UPDATE- The Nightmare

The Dream World

[NEW] Dream Transition: the Nightmare gains a ranged ability to manually put the survivors into the Dream World (old power)

[NEW] While using the Dream Transition the Transition is 5 seconds, Power Range is 16 metres and your movement speed is reduced to 4.0 m/s

[BUFF] The Nightmare is always invincible for Awake Survivors further than 16 metres (was 32 metres)

[BUFF] Awake Survivors always see the Nightmare within 8 metres and intermittently within 16 metres (was 16 and 32 metres respectively)

[BUFF] Unhooked Survivors have now their the Micro Sleep Timer reduced to 15 seconds (was 60 seconds) (EDITED)

[BUFF] Every time a Survivor becomes Asleep by any means, their aura is revealed to you outside your Terror Radius for 3 seconds

[BUFF] Every 45 seconds you see the aura of Asleep Survivors for 3 seconds


[BUFF] The cooldown of Dream Projection is now 20 seconds by default (was 45 seconds)

[NERF] The Stack-able Reduction for each asleep Survivor is now -5% to a maximum of -20% (was -15%)

[NERF] While you are cancelling Dream Projection, you cannot use Dream Projection for 15 seconds

[BUFF] You can now see which direction you are facing while projecting to a gen

[BUFF] You can now teleport to finished Generators

[BUFF] Now suppresses the appearance of the Husk (was noisy)

Lullaby/Terror Radius

[CHANGE] Reverse the Lullaby and Terror Radius (normal Terror Radius in the Dream World Vice-Versa)

[BUFF] The Terror Radius is always the same as the Lullaby

[BUFF] The Terror Radius is reduced to 24 metres (was 32 metres)

[NERF] Removed the Oblivious Status Effect while in the Dream World

Dream Traps

[BUFF] Dream Snares and Pallets are now shared (Pallets are base-kit)

[BUFF] Increases the maximum of Dream Traps to 10 (was 5)

[BUFF] Every time a Dream Trap is triggered by the survivor, they are hindered for 5 seconds and their aura is revealed for 3 seconds (was 3 seconds of hindered)

[NERF] Every time a Dream Trap is triggered by any means, you lose the ability to place a trap for 10 seconds


Garden Rake:

Increases the lingering of Hindered Status Effect to 5 seconds (rework)

Kid's Drawing:

Decreases the maximum Micro Sleep Timer to 45 seconds (rework)

Sheep Block:

Survivors interacting with a Dream Trap suffer from the Blindness Status Effect for 60 seconds (adjustment)

Wool Shirt:

When channelling Dream Projection, All Generators spew Blood (rework)

Cat Block:

Can now be stacked with Z-block to a maximum of 10 seconds of Killer Instinct (buff)

Green Dress:

Survivors can no longer wake up by failing Skill Checks and Reduces the Skill Check Chances by 30% in the Dream World (rework)

Nancy's Sketch:

When channelling Dream Projection you gain 10% Haste for 5 seconds (rework)

Outdoor Rope:

Decreases the Charge Time while placing Dream Traps by -20% (rework)

Prototype Claws:

Decreases the penalty for triggered Dream Traps by -5 seconds (see Dream Traps rework)

Blue Dress:

Increases the Penalty for Failing Skill Checks by 10% and Increases the Skill Check Chances by 30% in the Dream World (rework)

Nancy's Masterpiece:

Decreases the charge time of using Dream Projection by 20% (rework)

Paint Thinner:

Reduces the Terror Radius by 8 metres (rework)

Unicorn Block:

Survivors interacting with a Dream Trap suffer from the Haemorrhage and Mangled Status effect for 60 seconds (rework)

Class Photo:

When channelling Dream Projection, the gen you teleported to is blocked by the entity for 10 seconds, you can no longer cancel the Dream Projection (rework)

Pill Bottle:

Survivors interacting with a Dream Trap suffer from the Oblivious Status Effect for 60 seconds (rework)

Swing Chains:

While in the Dream World Survivors suffer from a +50% increase in Foot Steps, Grunts of Pain and Repair Noises (rework)

Black Box:

When the Generators are Powered, gain a -10% Action Speed decrease to Breaking Pallets, Walls and Vaulting Windows per Asleep Survivor (adjustment/buff)

Red Paint Brush:

No longer applies: the survivor can no longer wake up by failing skill checks (nerf)

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