Survivor Items Trade-up System

PrayTwoJesus Member Posts: 1
edited April 21 in Feedback and Suggestions

Starting a new survivor or running out of a certain item rarity? The SITUS will allow survivors to trade 2 of the same item rarity for 1 of the next item rarity and so on. For example, a survivor can trade up two uncommon flashlights for one rare flashlight. I suggest implementing this system because of three reasons. First, this system will help improve survivors storage, so the survivors storage does not get stuffed with unwanted items. Second, survivors can focus on items they actually want and have a larger quantity of those items. Lastly, survivors are more satisfied when they have a choice with their items recieved from the bloodweb. Overall, I believe this system would be a valuable option to consider adding into any future updates because a survivor's quality of life matters, so please add a survivor item trade-up system.