Spirit QOL changes/ add-on changes

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  • Reaching halfway through the power activation bar would make the chase music start dying down and so would be fully gone when the power is fully charged.
  • Passive phasing would now be visible from Spirit’s POV either by making her model flicker or just creating something on the middle of the screen to either the right or left side to indicate that passive phasing is happening alongside notifying the Spirit player that passive phasing would be in play soon so they get ready for it.


  • Mother’s glasses:

The Spirit has no vaulting animation.

  • Senko Hanabi:

Post-phase hits block pallets from being dropped ( survivors can still vault over dropped pallets ) and vault locations for X seconds around the Spirit’s location ( the blocking effect happens wherever The Spirit player walks to and immediately cancels out when she is begins phasing. )

  • Wakizashi Saya:

    Same current effect but make the Spirit player able to change the husk’s location with a cooldown to changing the husk’s location part only prevent it from being abused.

This add-on has really good idea behind it but what makes it bad is that the husk remains still where the Spirit started phasing and so most of the time survivors just run forward making the add-on completely useless. Survivors would know that this add-on is in play and could play around it so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Furin:

The husk now is an AI of its own and moves around chasing survivors and injuring them for as long as the Spirit player is phasing-walking.

I really don’t know how this would play out in a match but it’s such a cool interesting idea i feel.
I have other ideas for Furin if this one doesn’t end up being reliably functional.

  • Mother-Daughter Ring:

The no scratch marks downside replaced with no post-phase lunge speed boost and increased power activation time by 15% or just one of the two.

  • Yakuyoke Amulet:

1- speed debuff reduced to 10% while keeping the 3.5s duration.

2- lessen duration time from 3.5s to 2.5s and remove the speed debuff completely.

3- revert the increased recharge time nerf and make it cap at 15s while making no other change to the add-on.

  • Dried Cherry Blossom:

Passive phasing can be activated manually.

  • Juniper Bonsai:

increases passive phasing frequency by 40% instead of 20%.


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    +1. Especially the music thing, for a killer that relies on hearing the loud af instrumentals make that so much more difficult and annoying than it needs to be. Also chase music should not start when killer is undetectable. So many jumpscares ruined because of that