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G'day Everyone,

How much is the Auric cost reduced if I own a single skin from the "Weekly Developer Choice Bundle"? How much does it cost if I were to own both?

The bundle currently costs 1506 for me, but I have enough Iri shards to buy the skins. I just want to make sure it is a somewhat equivalent discount.


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  • The_Yosh
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    Alright, I bit the bullet and tried it myself. Each skin in shop was priced at 1080 Auric or 21,600 Iri. Buying a skin reduced the price by 720 Auric. This is a pretty significant difference, but understandable in terms of bundles.


  • BlightedTrapper
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    I'm guessing the price would reduce about 40%, since the bundle is valued at around 2,500 cells before the discount. So it may cost around 900 cells if you own a skin from it. If you owned both skins it may be about 300 cells.