Perk Ideas.

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Killer -

Entity's Wrath - When hooking a survivor, all survivors within your terror radius or X meters will be presented with a Easy, Medium, Hard skill check. Failing the skill check results fear to overtake causing them to run away form the source for 1-1.5-2 seconds. (Or make them scream giving away position, idk)

Entity's Horror - When performing a lunge attack on a survivor performing an action, pick the survivor as though it was not a lunge attack. (Can give movement speed buff upon picking up survivor)

Entity's Demise - Every time a generator is complete, gain 10-15-20% reduction in delay after a successful attack. If no successful attack is made before another generator is done. Stacks up to 2 times.

Inky Tendrils - Gain .5-1-1.5 lunge distance to attacks

Bloated Anger - Once per game, when hit with a pallet. Gain the option to instant break pallet and gain a burst of movement speed. (Hello to killers version of DS)

Dark Shadow - When carrying a survivor, reduce terror radius by 35-70-100%

Survivor -

Cry Out - When struck by a melee (not abilities) cry out giving your aura to allies within 12-24-32 meters.

Wild Legs - When struggling in a killers grasp, have a 5-10-15% chance to have a Extremely Hard, Very hard, hard skill check to kick the killer causing a .1-.25-.4 second mini stun. (Max 2 per struggle session) (Also you still will have the option to keep struggling during the skill check)

Angels Fury - When you heal a survivor from dying state to healthy. Your next unhook is 25-50-75% faster. Stacks 3x

Guardian Angel - When hit by a killer carrying a survivor, if that survivor were to be dropped or be freed. Gain 10-25-50% self heal for 5-7-10 seconds.

Perks that could use some love...

Pigs perk - surveillance

Have this perk work with ruin or survivors missing skill checks in will make it an amazing perk to have. Especially with how easy it is to gen rush even with ruin if you just power through it.