white ward description is completely misleading

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very angry, lost an item i found in a match, it was a third year party starter, a survivor died with it. Held it on for a while, decided to used it the white ward, checked my loadout and boom it was gone. 'Grants protection against the loss of your item and it's addons'. It is a lie and misleading. I had to check the wiki. Please check the description and state you HAVE to be holding the item.
The description should be 'White Ward protects the last Item a Survivor was actively carrying.' which is what the wiki says.


  • _Onyx_
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    It protects the item you're holding when you die.

    Also, if you escape (or in this case die) with an item you didn't bring in, it goes into your inventory, but your loadout resets to what it was when you loaded into that match. Check your inventory, it'll be there.

    Edit: Although, firecrackers are one use items, if that's the item you lost then yeah, White Wards don't protect those if you use them in the Trial.