Reduce the bleedout timer to 2 minutes or remove that stupid slugging mechanic

Agaki Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 61

Tired of this. It's not fair I am slugged for 4 minutes straight so I cannot play the game for 4 minutes. 1 hour penalty because I am not wasting my time being slugged, then picked up and then instantly downed. I spectate other survivors being slugged and they disconnect half way because it's a ridiculous mechanic. If the last survivor is being slugged, just end the match like I cannot pick up myself up so why continue playing the match. If there is 2 last people alive what can you even do? Wait 4 minutes for the other person to slug out, or try to revive the person being slugged that gets instant downed and so the recovery is reset. It's the most ridiculous mechanic that shouldn't last 4 minutes, preventing the player from playing the game. So many killers doing it because they are salty too, saw 2 survivors get slugged and bmed because they were better than the killer, both dc because nobody has the time to wait 4 minutes to die.


  • Ohyakno
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    I see this like once a month. How are you getting it long enough that you're getting one hour penalties?

  • Devil_hit11
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    2 minutes is too severe. maybe 3 minutes. i was more in favor of killer downing survivor and rewarding the killer for leaving the slug on the floor.

  • Blueberry
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    Dang 2 minute bleed out? People would start slugging with Knockout like mad with a bleed out that fast lol. This would have the opposite of the intended effect

  • Skillfulstone
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    Reducing the bleedout timer isn't the answer, in fact this would encourage players to slug aggressively since they would get a lot more pressure.

    However I think that adding a "bleedout" button should be a thing when either;

    A: every remaining Survivors are downed.

    B: only two Survivors remain and one is downed.

    Slugged Survivors, if downed too early/don't like the Killer etc, would simply stop people from healing them and die quicker.

    People going next on 1st hook is already a common thing, no need to add another way to leave early while avoiding the DC penalty and not leaving a bot behind.

    It's the whole reason why basekit yellow Mori (or the dreadful finisher mori idea) isn't a good idea: it would encourage slugging even more which would drag out games even more often.

    Side-note: Do people really think that if the only way to see a mori was to 4k that Killers wouldn't sweat/hard-tunnel/camp more than ever and wouldn't always slug for the 4k? What's even worse is that Killers wouldn't hook the last Survivor, they would stand over the one with the most remaining bleedout timer and wait to mori the last one. That's why the mori system is fine now and makes them special and pretty rare instead of just being a cutscene you'll see in most matches that will get old quickly.

  • Seraphor
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    I've said before, there should be a option similar to Sprint when in the dying state.

    Hold run to move twice the speed, at the cost of double the health drain.

    This gives the survivor the choice, and either way makes slugging more risky, you either lose the survivor to bleedout if you were planning to hook them, or it makes it more difficult to find them when they've crawled away.

    Tenacity wouldn't be affected as it still offers simultaneously recovering.