Hoarder buff


Let us talk about a problem BHVR created and swept under the rug after 'fixing' it. Hoarder is essentially a Survivor perk for Killer since the worth of 2 chests benefits Survivor more than the 1 second of location reveal upon a Survivor picking up an item helps the Killer.

I suggest adding an additional effect to Hoarder. <Whenever a survivor finds an item inside of a chest(or just opens a chest) gain 1 token maximum 5. Each token gives 1% haste> Survivors finding items helps them and powers up the killer making it a risk and reward system for both sides. Killer could get no value from it or get value at the very start for some insane snowball.

This perk is a huge detriment to Adept Twins as it currently is since it helps the Survivors survive more than it helps the Killer kill.


  • OneGoodBoyDemo
    OneGoodBoyDemo Member Posts: 411

    I always thought the 2 extra chests were supposed to be traps...