Please rework no mither


Chaos shuffle has reminded me that we have a perk that is actually worse than having an empty perk slot. The upsides don't even remotely balance out the downsides of the perk and even one player having this perk drags down the entire team with them because they can just get tunneled out extremely easy and can't meaningfully contribute in tough situations (taking hits for teammates, going for saves against campers, etc.)

There is no reason a game throwing perk like this should exist in a team based game and I don't think buffing the current values of the perk will ever make it worth using. It needs a full rework.

I would also suggest removing it from the chaos shuffle pool. People loading into the trial with this perk usually tend to let go on hook for obvious reasons and even if they don't, the perk is so bad that most of the time the game is lost anyway as you're basically stuck in a 3v1.