PC - Killer Loadout/Add-Ons Disappears During Trial

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PC - Steam - 22.5.24 - OCE Servers
Frequency: So far it has happened to me 6 times.
Trapper x3 | Artist x2 | Spirit x1

Step 1: Boot up game

Step 2: Put add ons/perks in killer loadouts.

Step 3 : Play as any killer for the first time that day (e.g. Trapper after playing a Plague game, Spirit after playing a Nurse game, etc).

Step 4 : Play match. Notice that there is no loadout in the bottom right side of your screen, no add-on icons. Notice that there are no effects/benefits that any add-ons or perks that you supposedly brought should give.

Step 5: End the game. Notice that it says you did bring add-ons/perks despite not seeing them or being able to use them all trial.

Step 6: Notice that the add-ons you brought but couldn't use have been consumed anyway.

documents to add

  • Image 1 shows the loadout and add-ons in game not showing up. They also did not work.
  • Image 2 shows the same game at the end, where the loadout DOES show up, despite nothing working during the trial

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