Achievement that requires you to play as survivor against a specific killer

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[Achievement] Hand-Eye Coordination - Find and use the Hand or Eye of Vecna and escape a Trial.

This is my feedback. Why did the developers decide to put in an achievement/trophy that requires you to play as a survivor against a certain killer? This promotes people who are trying to get the achievement to instantly die/give up if they are not up against the right killer. What killer we play against is not something that is in our control, and with 30+ killers, it will become more rare overtime as the hype dies down.

My feedback is to not have achievements tied to what killer you are playing against. You can have killer specific achievements when playing killer, but the other way is completely out of our control. I find myself constantly giving up to get out of a game as fast as possible because its not the "right" killer, leaving the rest of my team at a disadvantage.

Some of you might say "they are achievements, who cares" but people care about different things. This addition promotes abandoning your team.

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