PC - Toolbox Repair Speed Add-on Bug?

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When taking Socket Swivel, the toolbox add-on that gives +30% repair speed, it also seems to increase the depletion rate of the toolbox by an equivalent and additive amount.

Using Wire Spool (+12 charges) + Socket Swivel (+30% repair speed) with Commodious Toolbox, you would expect the toolbox to have 44 charges with its base -1.5 item depletion rate, lasting 29.3 seconds (44 / 1.5).

However the same toolbox + add-on combo mentioned above only lasts ~24 seconds. That is only possible if the repair speed add-on is also increasing the depletion rate by a flat 30% (44 / [1.5 + 0.3]).

So this is either a bug or the depletion rate increase is an intentional aspect of the add-on that is just not mentioned in the description.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Grab a Commodious Toolbox
  2. Equip the Socket Swivel add-on
  3. Watch your depletion rate increase by a flat 30% despite not being on the add-ons tooltip

Frequency of Occurrence:


Side Note:

Since the rarer toolboxes have a higher repair efficiency rate paired by an equally higher depletion rate, I'm guessing there is a chance this is intentional and not a bug.

However given the lack of notice about the depletion rate increase in the add-on's description, paired with the fact that it makes them worse than raw + charge add-ons in basically every scenario aside from maybe one or two, I figured it was worth mentioning.

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  • WhoSoup
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    As far as I know, the toolbox speed addons ONLY increase your charges per second, that's what "repair speed" is. The base repair speed is 1 c/s. Commodius adds 50% repair speed for 1.5 c/s, socket swivel adds 30% repair speed for 1.8 c/s. "Depletion rate" is the same thing as "repair speed".

  • Beaburd
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    edited June 17

    That would make sense in hindsight.

    I was looking at the dbd wiki for repair speeds and separated the concept of 'repair speed bonus' with 'depletion rate' since they were listed in separate columns. https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Toolboxes#Repair_Speeds

    But in reality, like you said, the actual 'repair speed' is likely just charges per second (listed in another column). So the add-ons then correctly, in the case I was thinking of, increase depletion to match its bonus just to deliver out the payout (total charges per second) faster.

    Thanks of the clarification! It makes sense.

    Bit disappointing in hindsight then, but it's likely working as intended then.
    Feel free to close the thread.

  • sizzlingmario4
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    In general, when you use a toolbox to repair, it will always deplete at the same rate as your current repair speed (assuming no other perks that change efficiency). So if you have any addon (or perk) to repair faster, the toolbox will get used up faster as well (so you get the same number of charges on the generator from it but at a faster rate). This is intentional.

    And the opposite is true with repair speed penalties as well (the toolbox charges get used up more slowly, in accordance with the reduced repair speed).

    Medkits generally work the same way (ie. medkit charges are used at the same rate as the heal speed), but this gets a little messier since medkits have reduced efficiency on self-heals. But for healing teammates it would be the same (ie. you’d always use 16 charges for the heal regardless of the heal speed).