dbd art ive done over the past year

goopyblu Member Posts: 1

longish post warning lol

((first ever art i did for the game roughly a year ago, drew it on my phone

((redraw i did about 2 months ago, drew on computer instead

((drew this just yesterday !!

i draw alot of nurse but here r sm random arts of survivors n killers

((my claudette i run

((bottom is older one, top is newer one even though theyre both months old.

older doctor piece bc i think its been a couple of months since ive bothered with him lol.

dont wanna spam to much so im ending it here but you can look on my tumblrs to find more older art if your interested lol.
theyre goopy-blu (art blog, only recently started using so your not gonna get far) and vorellaz (been posting art on there for roughly 2 years so you might have to dig a bit but ######### ton more stuff.
anyways thnx for looking !!