New Chapter Concept: Til Death Do Us Part

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Killer:The Widow
Lore: Estelle Lacroix was born a victim. Growing up her father's battle with the drink often ended in him bringing down his fists upon poor Estelle's frail body. As she grew older the assaults got worse and worse and one day Estelle escaped her fathers grasp with the help of her high school sweetheart: Christopher. Estelle was never happier and relished in her newfound freedom. Estelle vowed to start a family with him and just knew they would live forever happily. Christopher became the CEO of his own successful company and used their newfound fortune to build them a grand estate over what once was Estelle's childhood home. But soon their joy diminished. After many pregnancies ending tragically the losses consumed them both. Chris took to the bottle and history began to repeat itself. The house became quiet just as it had become with Estelle's father as she learned how to avoid her husband and became like a ghost in her own home. But one day the silence broke in the house by a woman's laughter. To Estelle's horror she found Chris in the kitchen with a pretty blond tramp. In a blur she picked up an empty beer bottle broke the end off it and plunged it into his neck. Never before had she enjoyed anything as much as that. As she moved to gut the wench trembling before her suddenly they were both enveloped by spider-like legs appearing thin air. She awoke in the pale reflection of the home she and Chris once shared. Her blood boiled. She had lost her prey but she was determined to find her. Along her way she would find others to torment and kill. But she never lost sight of her real target. She could feel her presence inching closer and closer within her domain.
Power: A Woman Scorned: The Widow can wrestle a survivor to the ground and put them in the dying state. The survivor can prevent this by landing a difficult skill check. This is activated the same way as tombstone kills are activated with Michael Myers.
The Widow is a rage-full killer, hardened by pain and fueled by her fury. Her perks help her to quickly end a chase and punish those who abuse her.
Perk 1: Abused: You are used to the abuse. Now it just fuels your anger. Every-time you are stunned or blinded gain a movement speed increase of 5/10/15 for 30 seconds.
Perk 2: Revenge: As your hunt intensifies, so does your desire for revenge. You become obsessed with one survivor. Each time your obsession escapes from a chase you gain a token. At max of three tokens your obsession is exposed for 40/50/60 seconds.
Perk 3: Relishing: You enjoy watching the life leave their eyes. Every time a survivor is sacrificed your strength grows and you gain 20/30/40% action speed bonus
Survivor: Crystal Jhonson
Since birth people have underestimated Crystal. Everyone assumed the dumb blond with a gorgeous body would be dumb as a box of rocks. From an early age Crystal learned how to manipulate them into helping her along. As she grew older she learned how to use her skills to work her way into whatever job she wanted. But she saw an opportunity to have the life she wanted when she saw an add to be the secretary for a wealthy CEO named Christopher Lacroix. Sure he was married but when has that ever stopped her before. She managed to convince him to invite her to his home while his wife was supposed to be away. When she came downstairs and killed Chris Crystal was terrified. For once she hadn't predicted something. But suddenly she was whisked away from danger by the spindly legs of some dark creature. She'll play this Entity's game, and maybe she will be rewarded.
Crystal's perks allow her to manipulate her allies into helping her escape and wage war against the killer.
Perk 1: Damsel in Distress: Survivors are under your spell and genuinely want to help you when you are in danger. When you enter chase survivors are given a action speed bonus of 10/15/20 for 30 seconds This perk leaves you more likely to be an obsession.
Perk 2: Stunning Grace: Your looks are a sight to behold. If the killer is looking at you blind/stun affects are 1/2/3 seconds longer. ( This does not pair with object of obsession)
Perk 3: That's the spot: You know how to convince people to help you. Survivors heal you at 30/40/50% faster speeds.
Map: Lacroix estate.


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    Change: The widow would have extremely fast movement speed to make up for the power being close range. The powers skill check would also start off as a D-strike skill check then get increasingly smaller. This could not be pared with unearving presence .
    The numbers on Damsel in distress would be reduced to 4/5/6 percent bonus for 40 seconds.