Killer Concept: The Banshee

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Killer: The Banshee

Ability: Cry of the Banshee
-Blindness: The banshee is a fairy of death and she is unable to see living things. The atmosphere turns into black and white for her.
Everything that makes noises like running, repairing, sabotaging, healing, jumping or cawing crows will show a visual soundeffect.
Flashlights can not blind her.

-Scream: The Banshee is able to scream (M2). The scream interrupts every action that a survivors do in a range of 12 meters. Survivors in a close range become deaf (they can´t hear the terrorradius). The scream will also start the generator regression. A survivor in the radius is marked for 30seconds.10 seconds cooldown.

-dimension distortion: The banshee can change a window into a corridor (R). If a Survivor is running through the Dimension Distortion, then you can see his aura for 10 seconds. You can only have 3 dimension distortion at the same time. The distortion can be removed with a flashlight.

-The banshee starts the match with a very low terror radius. Every marked survivor will increase her terror radius.

  • Increase the numbers of crows on the map for every repaired generator, destroyed totem and hooked survivor.


Hex: Greed
A Hex rooting its power on Greed. The Survivors gains 50% more Bloodpoints for cleansing
the totems and they can do it 25% faster. This Perk change the rest of the dull totems into a Hex totem.
For every destroyed hex totem from this perk you get 1 token. The Survivors gets for every token a permanent curse.

1 token: Hemorrhage
2 tokens: Blindness
3 tokens: Exhausted
4 tokens: Mangled
5 tokens: Deaf (can´t hear the terror radius)

"You are only weakening yourself"

  • The crow whisperer: Every time a survivor chases away the crows, he is afflicted with a guilty conscience.
    Reduce its repair speed, sabotage speed and healing speed by 1%.
    It lasts for 20 seconds and can be stacked for every time.
    "They don´t like you"

  • Hate: You love the animals of the forest. Every time a survivor scares off a crow, it fills you with infinite rage.
    Every time the crows strike alarm, you get a token on this perk. It grows in power and grants speed bonus to pick up, drop, Pallet break,
    Generator break and vaults.
    Increase your actionspeed for every token by 1%.
    "Don´t hurt them"


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    xd The** Banshee** is actually Wraith's beta name but hey that's pretty good idea!

  • hMM
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    "Hate" perk wouldn't be a good idea, because there is that big ship in the swamp that always has like 15-20 crows standing

  • swenpai
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    That's a cool idea.

    HUNGRY_AS_A_HIPPY Member Posts: 49
    hMM said:

    "Hate" perk wouldn't be a good idea, because there is that big ship in the swamp that always has like 15-20 crows standing

    I don’t even think the perk “Spies from the Shadows” picks these crows up. These crows are like an animation I believe, because not even calmspirit prevents the crows from triggering.
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    thx for the feedback

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    Honestly I am shocked by this idea ,
    Seriously I want to see this killer more than anything in the world now.