New Chapter : Wedding of the Corpse Bride

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New Chapter : Wedding of the Corpse Bride

New Map : Abandoned church

Abandoned church and the court field that have some element of wedding theme + bell tower.

New Killer : Corpse Bride(Valentine Events)

Inspiration - Obviously, Corpse bride animation, Insidious the black bride, and some Murderer in bride dress. I think she's better float in the like the nurse. So, no story but feeling.
Weapon - Short thorn whip with rose on it.
Sound - The wedding march horror mix, the killer sound is laughing horror.

1)Kiss - make a survivor float and then she kiss them. Blood flow out from every passes of the body.
2)Fifty shade of grey - madly hit him with the thorn whip.
3)I have a crush on you - She kiss survivor and the rip his heart out. His body is shaking hard and blood is pouring infinitely from his chest then she finish him of by crushing his heart.

Power - I can't choose it so

1)Love is to kill - with this she'll be able to see aura every survival that is outside of her terror radius for few seconds. The rose petals will float around the survivors that inside of her terror radius for few seconds which leave the trail and bother survivor's vision. She pull wither bouquet out and charge like the nurse but with two hands. when release some sound effect like wedding song or bell sound will play to alert survivors. The more she charge the more min range will decrease.
2)Death Attention - She transform in to dark fog mode for few seconds(Imagine death eater spell in hairy potter) which hardly to control like Hillbilly chainsaw. She will be able to pass through objects and survivors. Any survivors contact with her power will cry/float/jerk/stop/compel to walk/look toward the bride for a second.
3)Roses are red violets are blue - She pull a random rose out and throw to ward. On hit the rose will trigger effect.

  • Red rose : There will be mark of skull or black heart on the survivor. The timer will count from 5 to 0. If timer
    count to 0 and if the survivor out bride's vision or out of her terror radius, the bride will appear in front of him.

  • Violet rose : swap the position between target and the bride.
    if not the rose which mechanic is like huntress. Can change this to some kind of evil kiss/dark mist/dark heart/dark skull that effect in front of the killer's cone area or red stain.
    4)Give you heart a break - She'll charge like the nurse. The more she charge, the more distance travel. Summon the shadow hand to rip survivor's heart that contact with it. The effect will trigger after count down is end(Imagine of Billy's perk or Reverse trap bear count down timer). when triggered, the bride's shadow will appear in front the target survivor and rip his heart so hard and do damage to him.

Perk There are choices too.

1)Death blessing - Increase effect/up grade of offering xx% at max level there is small chance that she won't lose it after match is finish. Or small chance that won't lose add-ons.
2)Ring the bell - There is a chance that alert/Aura will appear if any survivor in her terror radius trigger a perk.(Can add some cooldown time if it too cheaty )
3)I wish you were here - She become obsessed with one survivor. After she hooked her obsession and he escapes or gets help. She will be able to Mori one survivor with her hand this match(Stack with offering).
4)You belong with me - after survivor escapes or gets help from hook reveal his aura and the helper for x second(if it too cheaty, can add some range that will trigger like Pig's Perk)
5)Stay with me - After she hit or damage survivor, his aura appear to her for x second.
6)Havana/Let the world know - She become obsessed with one survivor. When she is chasing the target, increase the terror radius to infinity. Grant blood point more in chase action.
7) It's between us/Just you and me - Delay status UI of survivor that in her terror radius.(when get hit/ hook / effect by status effect)

New Survivor : The Bridesmaid//Partygoer


1)Let's party - Survivor in her radius won't appear aura to killer's power/perk but increase all kind of noise by x%
2)We were so close - Decrease chance of become obsessed to killer by xx%. Increase bonus blood point in chase category by x% or every time get hit by killer stack 5 time maximum 100%
3)I am drunk (type 1) - Increase speed by x% but decrease turn rate by x% or decrease other action speed x%
4)I am drunk (type 2) - Increase any other action speed by x% but decrease running/walk/ctrl speed by x%
4)I am drunk (type 3) - Increase all noise by x% and increase other action speed by x%

**I'm not English native speaker but I'm trying to express myself. So, please understand what I try to tell you guys.