# New Chapter : Scream of the Banshee

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New Chapter : Scream of the Banshee

New Map : Country Village

Inspire by cabin in the wood or other horror/thriller movie with cabin.

New Killer : The Banshee

Weapon - Luxurious dagger


She scream hard till survivor's head explode with blood.


Scream - she scream in front of her make cone area of effect. Survivor who contact with the scream will receive fear status icon. Fear effect make survivors can't control themselves and run to opposite direction Banshee for few second. Also remove any effect from their perks.


1)Sadness - Decrease perk effect time of survivors in her terror radius by x%
2)Death Prediction - Any survivor in this perk range effect who make alert have a chance that they aura will appear to the banshee for few second.
3)Long Night - Increase time of status effect that killer make to survivors by x% (Clown/Trapper/Huntress's add-ons)

New Survivor : The Head of Village or The Sheriff


1)Eagle Eyes - When you inside of killer terror radius and killer charge/use power this perk trigger. This perk have cooldown.
2)What's Happen/My Business - When other survivor inside xx meters range from Sheriff, And get hit by the killer this perk trigger. Sheriff will see the aura of that survivor and show his aura to killer for few second. Also make other survivors around him run faster. This perk have cooldown.
3)Steady/Shoot - Press specific button, Sheriff pull the gun out and hard to aim. once press that button again he will shoot to the direction aiming. When shoot the Killer, It will stun the killer for few second and his aura will show to killer for 10 second. This perk can only use once per trial. This perk passive effect is increasing the accurate of using flashlight.
4)I Am Here - Increase perk effect time of other survivors around the sheriff by x%.