Getting hit through pallets needs to stop!



  • MegsAreEvil
    MegsAreEvil Member Posts: 819

    Dedicated wont solve anything.

  • stringcheese
    stringcheese Member Posts: 11

    sadly the devs would rather add new characters for $ instead of fixing this. btw the dedicated servers haven't helped it

  • AlexAnarchy
    AlexAnarchy Member Posts: 685

    told ya'll dedicated servers would not fix what is intended, pallets are not meant to be your 100% safety.

  • lehemed
    lehemed Member Posts: 3

    the thing that really annoys me, when jumping through a window and it's clear that your on the other side and the killer swings and still hits you even if your not at the window. it's like the killer looks out the window and whacks you. it's the same with pallets when it comes to timing the killer always has the upper hand. when I get zapped with the nurse at a pallet and try to slam it on the killer NOTHING HAPPENS. ONLY WHEN THE KILLER STIKES YOU DOES THE PALLET ACTIVE UNLESS YOU HAVE TIME TO TRY TO SLAM IT TWICE. THERE ARE FAR TO MANY BUGS. If it's not broken DEVS don't fix it.

  • Revenor
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