[New suggestion]: Destroying the cornfield plants -


Description: Currently there are two maps in which there are maps entirely covered by corn fields.
Some killers like the "hillbilly" and “The cannibal” who have chainsaw can not cut corn plants.
In reality with the chainsaw you should cut both the trees but also these plants that remain fixed only to hide the survivors.
My idea is that the corn plants could be cut by these killers to evolve the situation for the killers so that the survivor can not hide when these killers make the cut.
An example of the maps which have these cornfields are: "Rotten Fields", "Rancid abattoir", "The Thompson House", "Fractured Cowshed", "Torment Creek"


  • Jack11803
    Jack11803 Member Posts: 3,930

    1) Corn is already impossible to hide in for anyone with eyes during a chase. 2) spaghetti code my dudes. 3) FPS drop would be insane. 4) but why though?

  • AshleyWB
    AshleyWB Member Posts: 4,061
    I dont like the corn as killer, its easier to hide in than you think in my opinion. Infact I hate corn, it's so tall and obscures vision.