New Chapter Idea: Blood in the mirror

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Story: Eduard Mila always had an easy life. Since he was the son of an important and millionaire English family he never lacked anything. Despite the death of his mother when he was just three years old, he never felt a lack of maternal affection and lived alone with his father in the huge mansion of the small town where they lived.
However, there was something that had always worried Eduard from his childhood to the last years of his adolescence: His father, every Saturday night, locked himself in the basement of the mansion until very late. He always told Eduard that they were reasons for work and that he should never enter it.
Young Eduard's curiosity was too strong not to be tempted to see what his father hid in the basement. That is why, one day, while his father was away from home working, he decided to go down to the basement.
The walls were filled with blood and satanic symbols, an electric saw was tied to a table full of intestines and organs everywhere. But what disturbed Eduard most was the large mirror hanging from the wall, in which, written in blood, was the word "Melissa", the name of his mother.
Next to the electric saw he found a kind of newspaper belonging to his father. As he read what he put, his terror increased even more: He told how his father managed to summon his mother by using the mirror and how he talked to her every Saturday. After seeing this, Eduard set about trying to invoke his mother.
After performing the steps to do so, a strange reflection began to appear in the mirror. Eduard was excited. It was his mother. He had managed to summon his mother.
However, Eduard forgot something essential when doing the ritual: A human sacrifice was necessary. When his mother saw that he was the only one in the room, his face changed to a terrifying face, he fiercely emerged from the mirror and dragged him towards him.
Eduard Mila was never heard again.

POWER: Mirrors: A curse made and a sacrifice made allows the soul to flood these mirrors, allowing the Covenant to move among them instantly through the world of spirits.
·At the beginning of the game, 10 mirrors will appear randomly placed on the map (one of them will always be in the basement).
·Apart from them, you will always have a small mirror handy, which can be used to see in a "camera menu" everything reflected in the other mirrors.
·The mirrors reflect what is at a 45º angle in front of them.
·By interacting with one of the mirrors scattered around the map you can also access this "camera menu".
·When interacting with one of the mirrors scattered around the map you can select one of the "cameras" and instantly teleport to that selected mirror.
·You can also use your hand mirror to teleport, but after doing so, you will not be able to use it again for 30 seconds.
·Survivors can break the mirrors.
·The mirrors send you an audiovisual signal when they are destroyed. Also, the reflection of that mirror will not be seen in the camera menu.
·The survivor who destroys a mirror will be attacked by the spirits inside, causing the survivor the state of Exhaustion, Slowdown and Blindness for 80 seconds.
·The destroyed mirrors regenerate every 60 seconds.

DESCRIPTION: A specter tied to a curse capable of locating the survivors and teleporting instantly using their Mirrors.
With its unique perks, Resonance, Cursed Sense and Exorcism you can increase your abilities to locate the survivors and to attack them when you find them.

-Resonance: Your spectral senses become more acute when you try to find new sacrifices. Your ability to analyze auras increases by 4/6/8 meters.
-Cursed Sense: You feel the presence of your victims when they try to escape. Activate your ability to analyze auras. The auras of the survivors who are repairing, sabotaging, purifying or registering chests when you are within a radius of less than 16/20/24 meters from them will be revealed.
-Exorcism: Once you discover them, you must eliminate them no matter what happens. Every time you find a survivor you gain an increase in speed when moving and doing the lunge for 1 / 1.5 / 2 seconds(Similar to Windstorm). (If you use a Wraith with Windstorm, the effect accumulates)

MORI: While the survivor is on the ground, the poltergeist grabs his head and kills using his crystal weapon. After pulling it out, he holds it in front of him with one hand and, after a couple of seconds, throws it to the ground.


Story: Leonard Brown had always been an adventurer. He showed his merits when he was in the Boy Scouts, showing how well he survived.
Unfortunately, Leonard always suffered from bullying from many high school students because his stature was much lower than the other male students, which caused everyone to mock him for his size and also not Let him enroll in any sport, because if he did, they would mock him. This caused Leonard to begin to hate people and to become obsessed with showing what he was capable of.
One day, a group of university bullies challenged him to spend the night at the Mila mansion, which had been abandoned for years.
The last time they saw Leonard Brown was before entering the mansion. His last words were: I will show you what this dwarf is capable of doing!

DESCRIPTION: A diminutive adventurer able to effectively get away from his pursuer thanks to his unique perks, Chameleon Skin, Dead Breathing and Soundless.

-Chameleon Skin: Your experience in the Boy Scouts has taught you many essential techniques to camouflage yourself with the environment. By staying still for 4/3/2 seconds next to an obstacle or in a grass mound, the color of your clothes and your skin adapts to them, making it harder to see you.
-Dead Breathing: The last thing you need is for your breath to give your position to your pursuer. Decreases by 50/75/100% the sound of your breathing (when you are not hurt) both standing still and running.
-Soundless: Your size makes your steps not heard. Reduce by 50/75/100% the noise of your steps when walking and running (This perk does not make you stop creating marks when running).

NEW MAP: MILA MANSION (Location: Ritual Room)

Story: The old Mila mansion had been abandoned for decades. A terrifying story is heard about this place. They say the owner of the house was found dismembered and full of crystals. They say satanic rituals were practiced in the basement of the mansion. The son of the owner disappeared without a trace and now there is only the mansion. So terrifying are the stories told about the mansion that no one has had the courage to go and find out what happened. Many neighbors moved as they said that some nights they could see a strange silhouette in one of the windows.



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    I had an idea for when the survivors break the mirrors.The mirror will have a dresser right under them. It will take them a certain amount of time (for example 10 sec) and the animation could be where the survivor is looking through the drawer for something to break the mirror,and once they do tah dah. It's broken!

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    I like that idea.
    Sounds like a very cool and fun killer.

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    What do you think of others?

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    So for Exorcism, is that for all Killers, like when you get that little audio cue, and the 200 BP for "Survivor Found"? If not, it's only for the Poltergeist, making it almost completely useless. Very good ideas, and you have my encouragement.

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    @ItsDaEmuDood said:
    So for Exorcism, is that for all Killers, like when you get that little audio cue, and the 200 BP for "Survivor Found"? If not, it's only for the Poltergeist, making it almost completely useless. Very good ideas, and you have my encouragement.

    Exorcism works for all killers. The effect of the perk begins just at the moment when the persecution music begins, which activates when you find the survivor.