What is your passion/hobby?

GrootDude Member Posts: 14,110

Aside from gaming I absolutely love cooking!

My hobby is this forum and gaming. :P

I also love listening to Get well II by Icon for hire on repeat.



  • TheGameZpro3
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    I'm working on a Smash fan game with others, if you can call that a hobby (also, I'm the reason Dwight Fairfield will be playable in base roster 😎)

    But besides that, my passion and hobby is just gaming.

  • KillermainBTWm8
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    Other than gaming? Drawing art/Photography as well is what I mainly do it's not much but especially Photography is a bit of a hobby I can make a small amount of money on the side during the summer but it's mainly for fun.

  • fluffymareep
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    I'm working on a story and I enjoy doodling, too. I'm also quite fond of listening to music and looking into psychology-related things. c:

  • My_Farewell
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    History, music and to play bass guitar.

  • MichaelAMyers
    MichaelAMyers Member Posts: 292

    My account says it all.

  • JoannaVO
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    Reading/studying, and going out with friends.

  • TheShape78
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    My hobby is occasionally playing music on guitar and piano, and writing short stories, especially horror short stories, but my passion is horror. I love the big franchises like F13, Halloween, and Elm Street, and needless to say, their respective horror icons Jason, Michal, and Freddy. I love to dig into the behind the scenes info to see how these movies were made, and listening to the commentaries on the dvd's and bluray's. I also love to see all the amazing replicas people make of the masks and costumes. Needless to say, Dead by daylight is a perfect fit for that ;)

  • Gay Myers (Luzi)
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    Drawing is my passion :D

  • se05239
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    I doodle a bunch.

  • OMagic_ManO
    OMagic_ManO Member Posts: 3,278

    I draw a lot in a anime/cartoon like style, tried not to make it super hardcore, but what can I say, fun. I love running, for the speed.

  • MegaWaffle
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  • Kiskashi
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    Digital art while listening to music, gaming, baking (mostly cupcakes, addicted to making them for some reason) and occasionally crafts such as making costumes for conventions and masks (masquerade, character masks etc)

    I know icon for hire, I used to absolutely love theatre, cynics and critics, iodine and get well too haha nice to see someone has heard of them.

  • Ian
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    playing dbd :)

  • Mandy
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    My hobby and my work are pretty much the same thing, I love fitness and sports.

  • PhantomMask20763
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    Hm, besides playing games I love drawing, I have an obsession with watching movies, I go to the movie theater so much its not even funny, I also like writing stories/fanfic, although my old laptop is broken so I have to get a new one, hopefully I'll get it soon. I also love hanging out with my friends and bf, and I also kinda like singing sometimes, although my singing is worse than my drawing XD

    I also collect funko pops and merch from movies and games :P

    Edit: forgot to say I also play a lot of golf, I go work out at the gym and I'm trying to learn how to cook >_<

  • Awakey
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    Gaming, and extending my knowledge of medicine.

    I know way more than I should.

    Also: Reading, swimming, playing M:TG, and YouTube.

  • BillyBoiMain
    BillyBoiMain Member Posts: 164

    I like practicing drums, bass and piano. And also I really like drawing, even though i’m not very good at it 😕

  • ceridwen309
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    Writing, Drawing, Game-Design(mostly rpgmaker right now...but trying to expand into unity engine), Singing, Storytelling, Messing around with Gimp, Playing games with friends, Tabletop gaming and board games.

  • GarlicGang
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    I love to watch the animals. I go out into the forest with my binoculars and sit watching them I stay alone with nature. It's better than meditation. It is sometimes interesting to watch as for example a bird makes a nest. Am I weird?

  • NinjaDette1
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    I’m a professional hula dancer here on O’ahu.

  • Andrew77
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    Building wood ship kits is my hobby.

  • Dr_Loomis
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  • ZtarShot
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    A respectful internet troll

  • murashunsuke
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    I'm really into soap making, and I had quite a lot of orders during quarantine. I usually get Palm Kernel Oil Flakes as they have high quality and great consistence. I also want to order some oils to add new flavors to the soap I make.

  • mikepaul
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    My hobby is shopping. I love to shop clothes, shoes, armors, cosmetics products etc.

  • MusicNerd_TC
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    This forum, music producing, electric guitar and hanging with my friends.

  • notstarboard
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    I like playing guitar and learning languages. Currently working on German (conversational) and Korean (beginner) :D Been trying to learn how to play [this] for weeks but I'm probably months away lol

  • PigMainClaudette
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    Warhammer 40,000. I have about 10 armies and over 30,000 points divided amongst just over 850 models amongst the ones I have built and painted. An average sized game is around 1,000-2,000 points and depending on the army features about 30-70 models, but it can go higher.

    Shotokan karate and kickboxing.

    Used to play bass guitar, but it's been a while.

    Used to play Magic the Gathering, but now it's the occasional game of Commander. Force of Will is also another card game that I play.

    DnD/Pathfinder when I can get a game organised.

  • Slashstreetboy
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    I used to do a lot of lifting, Kickboxing and MMA from my teens to my mid-twenties. Nowadays I´m fine with just weights and cardio, can´t compete in the ring anymore anyway (had a couple injuries but no biggie, it´s not my job).

  • Arial
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  • Rex3
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    Lifting weights until I tore my pec (muscle belly). Now I can't lift like I did.

  • megswifey
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    Languages and cultural studies! Ever since I was a baby I've been so interested in how people live and communicate. I used to beg my mom to change the settings on my DVDs to different languages so I could see what the movie was like in those languages (spoiler alert: they were all the same because little me was too dumb to realize that the movie wasn't different plot wise for every country lol!)

  • DoritoHead
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    I like video editing, which I've just started at.

    I enjoy Ultimate Frisbee too

  • JaydenZapata
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    I absolutely enjoy coding! I use Clickteam Fusion 2.5 to code some games. I sometimes type stories and stuff. I don't really enjoy shopping in real life, I prefer online shopping. A weird thing is that I don't really like any music at all. Drawing/Art is a NO NO. So, that's basically it.

  • Aneurysm
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    Cooking, languages (currently studying translation), games ofc, and I love swimming but local pool seems ######### for good, thanks rona...

  • Jyn_Mojito
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    Gaming, especially horror games. I very recently fell down the rabbit hole of vtubing and am trying to figure out how to rig an avatar for streaming. When I feel down, my go to is watching stand up comedy- I love Lewis Black and Fluffy.

  • melofelipe
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    Well I have a very weird hobby. I like to collect different joggers and sneakers as I am a sporty person and been into different games like tennis, football, badminton etc. Unfortunately, I suffered from wide feet due to which it pushed my hobby more of collecting medicated joggers and hiking shoes specifically for wide feet and high arches.

  • ItzZane_
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    I've always liked cooking & writing since i was a kid

  • lordfart
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    Music for me. Playing or listening

  • Tricksters_Wife
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    Aside from gaming, my passion is art! Always has been since I was little and I'm hoping to make a career out of it :) I've been working on my art business since 2018.

  • FreddysMain
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    Apart from gaming i am a figure skater, I love to draw :)

  • DBDude
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    My passions are concluded on a whole bunch of stuff actually.

    Playing Games

    Earning items randomly in Team Fortress 2

    Hanging out with my family

    Eating Food

    Finding an actual non toxic server on Left 4 Dead 2

    Watching youtube

    Going on the forums

    Having a Huge Godzilla collection

    Going to Conventions

    And about 167,631 other things.

  • VioletCrimes
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    I’m a writer and did have several novellas published, but my press folded. Small press. It’s sadly common. I’m a fairly new but enthusiastic horror movie fan, so I’ve been plowing my way through the classics to catch up. I also do tabletop RPGs when I can.

  • Bone_Dice
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    Eh, I like to play the bass (even though I'm not that good at it). I'm actually currently trying to everything stays from adventure time, and why do you only call me when you high by arctic monkeys.

  • Another_LegionMain
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    I like gaming (video and boardgames), cooking and Ant Keeping.

    I was unlucky and didn't catch any queens this year so no colony yet.

  • kira31219
    kira31219 Member Posts: 35

    Definitely gaming and streaming. I also am big into anime.

    Currently I am learning coding just for fun but would absolutely love to work with others on a fan game or something someday.

  • Nathan13
    Nathan13 Member Posts: 6,636

    Sports and food