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Ranking system question


A simple question really, how am I supposed to do gens, heal my teammates and hide from the killer while I run him around for 4 gens because he won't stop chasing me? Because it seems that killers have the option to depip you 100% of the time and you have no say in it.

I think it's rather obvious to anyone who has played this game for a while that the ranking system should be changed. You can't always do everything, especially in extreme situations in which one survivor runs the killer around for say 5 gens, the other survivors can ONLY do generators. Which means they cannot earn boldness points (not a lot in any case, can still cleanse or stay in the killer's terror radius but that's minor) and cannot earn alturism points AT ALL. the best any of the survivors can hope for in that case is a safety pip and there is nothing they can do about it at all. It's up to the killer.

Now of course the killer depips aswell but it doesn't matter since he's the one who makes the decision, what I mean by that is that he is the only one that can make the game go this route, survivors can't force the killer to depip since he can choose who to chase when.

Also a major issue is that you can't run the killer around and do generators enough to max both categories. You either do a lot of gens or run the killer a lot (given your teammates actually play the game).

Just wondering if the system is going to be changed soon.

Tell me if you agree that it's in a bad state currently, or disagree and why :)


  • xnes_galax
    xnes_galax Member Posts: 149

    I agree, emblem system is completely wrong. Not only the fact that 1 player can ruin and waste the time of 4 players, but also any single survivor can sabotage all the rest of the team.

    Another thing that completely destroy survivor emblems is camping. A camping killer negate the save, which results in a lost of emblem points for every other survivor, but at the same time, if someone do get the save but the killer down the unhooked in less than 10 sec, he will lose even more points.

    Its stupid how much a single action can have such a big impact.

    That being said.. i dont get your actual question. If you just want to make a discussion, you should post it into general discussion since this should be for question and answer

  • Rydog
    Rydog Member Posts: 3,275

    Agreed that the emblem system is completely arbitrary, unreliable, and takes an engineering degree or a god damned reference sheet to decipher.

    If I, say, ESCAPE, I should not de-pip under any circumstances.