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Blindness effect vs OoO

C3Tooth Member Posts: 8,266
  1. If I put blindness add-on and hit OoO survivor. Do they still able to see me? And do I able to see that Sur everytime they roll camera angle toward me?
  2. Shape and Ghostface, which Killer do you prefer more in their power?


  • LCGaster
    LCGaster Member Posts: 3,154

    1. They won't see you but you will

    2. Shape, his power doesn't completely rely on survivors' stupidity

  • thesuicidefox
    thesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,223

    Blindness affects all aura reading. If they have OOO and you hit them with something something Blindness, then won't be able to see you but you can still see them.

    GF>Myers IMO because GF can do both stealth and one shot at the same time. Myers is easier to play and has more variety to his add-ons though.

  • xnes_galax
    xnes_galax Member Posts: 149

    A survivor affected by blindness cannot see the auras, but every perk still work normally. In the OoO case, the killer can see you but you can't see the killer, however the perk icon will still light up when you are looking toward him.

    If blindess is affected by a locker them the killer won't be able to see you either, because lockers make your aura unreadable (remember, you get blindness as soon as you start to enter a locker, but you aura still readable until you are completely inside).

    Ghostface vs Myers

    This is more about your preferences, but personally i prefer Ghostaface over him. He has way more stealth and can use his stalk way more effectively.

    A lot of people say that myers is better because he can oneshot multiple people, but is like saying Bubba is better than Billy because he has multydown potential.

    You are never gonna use more than 1 second of your T3 as myers because you 99 it and pop it behind the survivor, then everyone else will split up and play stealth for 1minute making it impossible to down someone else.