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So, whats the reason for the "little" map offerings to get removed?

Mister_xD Member Posts: 7,669

i always wondered that...

does anyone know?

PS: with "little" map offerings i mean the common and uncommon ones, like the "Signed Ledger Page" (uncommon MacMillan offering) or the "Shredded Plate" (common Autohaven Wreckers offering).

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  • NeaKarlsson
    NeaKarlsson Member Posts: 40

    as most people already said, they got removed to keep the bloodwebs cleaner. with increasing items or offerings they still want you to keep the overview so they remove some to keep it clean. otherwise you'd have to wait even longer for specific stuff that you would rather want

    (also the offerings were feeling buggy anyways where common offerings felt stronger than rare ones)