If you ever wanted to hear the actal song the huntress hums...

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it's even scarier with lyrics...yet oddly soothing


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    thanks for this!

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    Equally beautiful and disturbing. Anna is a very cruel and sinister character indeed.

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    It's so creepy I love it :D

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    the lyrics are posted in one of the comments, translated in English. the song is apparently about a wolf that drags children off to the woods to eat if they aren't asleep in a safe place when it shows up.

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    Since I started playing DBD I always said that if I were to drop a kid, I would look this up and learn it! Now, I can learn it without bringing a slobbery, noisy thing in to the world! RESULT!

    (There's part of me that wants to start singing it in the middle of the night whilst wearing a bunny mask, and wake my other half up. BROWN TROUSERS TIME!!!)

    Thanks for posting!

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    Thank you, Kanye! Very cool!

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    Woot thank you. 
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    Yesterday I started playing with The Huntress for the first time. I love her, absolutely love her!

    This is creepy indeed.